What’s Next for Southern Fete?

September 2, 2011  |  Southern Fete News

What’s Southern Fete got planned this next year?


A new everyday collection will debut this fall full of calendars, memo pads, post-its and notecards! My main inspiration was the Pomegranate by William Morris and the inspiration board below. I can’t wait to share it with you!


A new set of wedding suites will debut in June again.


We’ve got 17 weddings on the books so far for the next year and will be heading outside of Acadiana to places like Jennings, Shreveport and New Orleans. How lucky am I to get to work with so many amazing brides!?! They are truly great and a perfect fit for Southern Fete. We are very near our cap for weddings in 2012. Contact me soon if you are considering booking!


This project is so close to my heart. I truly want to reach every bride in Acadiana and be able to offer advice to them that can help them make invaluable decisions to get great vendors and save them money. It hurts to hear some of the mistakes that can be costly or even ruin the big day especially when I know how to avoid them. Our format will likely  be changing to better serve brides in the best way possible. Brides I’d love to hear from you on how to make this most accessible to you.


Why no new bells and whistles? This year for me is going to be about growing the parts of my business and projects that I’ve created over the past three years. I’m finding an incredible balance with my work and personal life. The results? I’m infused and inspired to keep creating designs I’m proud of and instead of getting burnt out. This new stage will be a time of perfecting my processes instead of adding a bunch of components. I’m so excited to see what the future holds!

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