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February 4, 2010  |  Southern Fete News

I do a lot of talking on this blog but I would love to hear from you! The goal for this blog, my event planning and invitations, are to meet the needs of brides. And it’s my job to occasionally assess and ensure we are doing that! Here are a few questions. Some may not apply to you, so feel free to leave some blank. You can email your feedback to valerie@southernfete.com. Thanks in advance for your participation!


What service to you feel would most fit your needs?
Are there any services that we don’t currently offer that would better meet your needs?


Of the designs we offer now, which do you like the most?
What design concept/elements would you like us to incorporate in a future invitation set?


What are your current favorite posts? (Real weddings, inspiration boards, tips, etc.)
What do you want to see blog posts about?

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