Wedding Tips from the Pros

Wedding Tips from the Pros

February 17, 2010  |  Wedding Tips  | 

Today, we have a special post. As wedding planners have been submitting their wedding inspiration, I have also asked them for their single best tip. Below is a collection of those tips from several featured wedding planners. If you haven’t submitted a design concept or  tip, check out the submissions tab under the header. We’d love to see what ideas and advice you have up your sleeve! Also, we want to know your best advice for reducing stress on the wedding day as well as throughout the planning process. Email me at valerie (@)

No post would be complete without some eye candy. These photos are of a fun day-after session from one of my favorite photographers, Courtney Dellafiora. Enjoy!!


Amy Nichols Special Events

Make sure you really click with your vendors. Be sure to interview at least 2-3 per category. Your planner and especially your photographer are going to be with you for several hours on your wedding day – make sure it is someone you like and would want to be following you all day (especially your photographer)! There are so many different personalities out there — just be sure to choose vendors who you know you’ll enjoy working with and who you feel can execute your vision.


FAVOR Events

Take the time to plan properly – in detail.  Infuse as many personal touches and things that you really love into your wedding day.  Sentiment will set the tone for the entire day and will carry over into your photographs and memories.  Family is so precious – find unique ways to honor each person that you love from the smallest family member to the oldest.  Oh, and shameless plug, hire a planner!


Christine Paul Event Planning

Be Joyful: I always let my brides in on a little secret, if you are having a good time; your guests will have a good time.  If you are having a bad time your guests will have a bad time.  For better or for worse, your guests take their cues from you.  It is truly that simple.  Be Present: It is your day, you have found your great love, embrace this moment.
Be Humble: Truly appreciate those around you, feel lucky, and breathe in all the sweetness that your wedding day has to offer.


Inspired Events & Designs

Enjoy every moment of the process; starting from the planning up to the day and, of course, the honeymoon. Sometimes getting caught up in making that day perfect can cloud the bigger picture. Tying the knot is suppose to be fun, creative & memorable, bringing in personality and uniqueness to your big day is key, it allows your guest to enjoy every moment.


Merriment Events

Design your wedding after you’ve chosen your venue and established a budget. It’s never a good idea to have a strong design in mind only to find out that it is in conflict with your venue or beyond your budget to achieve at the venue you’ve selected. If you’re hosting an off-site wedding, know going in that your costs are going to be higher. That’s because off-site venues are ones that do not have a kitchen on site. Also keep in mind that many off site venues do not come with rentals. You’re essentially building the event from the ground up, which is a lot of fun, but an event such as this needs careful planning, both logistically and financially. Hire a planner. I know I’m biased, but if you don’t have experience planning an event as large as a wedding, at the very least, look to a professional to set you out on the right path. But, most importantly, have someone in place (other than your mother or friends) to execute the plans you’ve made. Take it from someone who didn’t…the experience was maddening on my own wedding day!


Lasting Impressions

Relax! Have fun planning your wedding and really dig deep to personalize your wedding. There are no rules anymore. Don’t do anything because you think you have to!


Amanda Rose Weddings

Decorating the largest party you will ever plan should be fun. Don’t get overwhelmed by the choices. Once you have made your decision on your design elements, stop designing. Trust in yourself and know that you have created a fabulous day.



Use the local resources at your destination as much as possible. The internet was not what it is today when I planned my wedding. I found my vendors by asking the local professionals who they would use. This is still the best way to choose a vendor, even if they have a beautiful website, and seem perfect, the best way to find out is by asking the people they work with. Also, take your time choosing a photographer, and don’t be afraid to invest a good bit of your budget into your photography. Remember, you are taking the trip of a lifetime, and you want to make sure you bring the right person along to capture it.


NK Productions

I highly suggest investing in a wedding coordinator for your special day. I always like to say that we help bring your ideas to life and let you & your family enjoy this day. I have had very detailed-minded clients & I know the only way they would be able to enjoy their wedding day is to leave the details & logistics in the hands of my team.


Simply Perfect Weddings

I’d have to say that my single best wedding tip for brides would be to personalize their wedding, so that it truly reflects their personality & style. Guests should walk away from a wedding with a little piece of the bride & groom. When I have a couple that really puts their personality into their wedding and fills it with small details that define who they are, guests RAVE about it!


Dana Goodman Events

Personalize your wedding from start to finish. Incorporate your personal style, family traditions, heritage and hobbies into details that will set your wedding apart and leave guest talking about it for years to come. Inspiration and creativity are found everywhere. We are blessed daily with beautiful life experiences that all make us who we are. Remember who you are when you are planning your dream wedding and you will have the time of your life.



  1. I love the advice of creating a day that personally reflects who you are as a couple. I think those are always the best weddings to attend, even if it’s just in the small details. I was at a wedding recently where the favors were small glass jars filled with different ice cream toppings and it was perfect since the couple met while working at the bride’s parent’s ice cream store!

  2. God I love those photos… so romantic! have a nice weekend… love the tips and will link them to my friday post

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