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March 13, 2013  |  In Her Shoes, Personal

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I bet you weren’t quite sure where this post was headed by the title…

I’m working on the reception post (coming soon I promise!) and came across the photo of our “memorial table.” I love this photo and that we had this table at our wedding, so I wanted to share a little about our Wedding Cheerleaders – we all have (and definitely need) them!

There’s no doubt that your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your lives. But, for many of us, we go through the day missing some of the people who played an integral part in our lives – whether it is our parents, grandparents, close friends or other family members who have passed away.

As I planned our wedding and thought of those of people who wouldn’t physically be at our wedding, I was constantly reminded that they would be there in spirit. I came to refer to them as our “cheerleaders in heaven.”

BC and I would talk about each of them and visualize how they would celebrate our day in Heaven. Mimi and PaPaw would surely be cutting a rug. T-Ben would have worn his golf clothes and applauded our decision to have a Friday wedding so it didn’t interfere with his Saturday tee time. Poppie would be decked out in his finest suit with a pocket square making sure that my shoe contained a sixpence. Our friend Bill would be drinking beer with his dog by his side thankful he didn’t have to wear a tux to the wedding – rather enjoying it in camouflage.

For us, it was important that each of our “cheerleaders in heaven” had a visual representation in our day. While we included them in our church program, we dedicated a table at the reception, which included their “signature” photo, candles and flowers.

Our guests definitely noticed the table and took time to look at each photo. During and after the wedding, we had such special moments with our guests when they asked who or something about our “wedding cheerleaders.”

Regardless of how you choose to honor your loved ones at your wedding day, remember that they’ll be there in spirit. You and your husband will have your very own cheerleading squad in heaven – what could be more perfect?


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