Vendors Mixed with Alcohol

July 7, 2011  |  Wedding Tips

Vendors, do you drink while working a wedding??

I’ve seen bartenders, DJs, bands, photogs, videogs, even wedding planners drink during weddings. It’s hard to imagine that there is even debate over whether this is appropriate but there seems to be. I can think of very few professions, if any (besides on Mad Men), that allow someone to drink while they are working. We’re not brain surgeons but this is someone’s wedding day and we need to take that seriously.

Even if you plan to just have one drink, flirty and obnoxiously loud DJs, or bartenders that forget their bartending is not the only concern (I’ve worked with both, only once though ; ). I think lines can be blurred sometimes. Just because we are at a wedding/party doesn’t make us guests. Taking that drink sometimes sets a tone that we’re hear for the fun or that we can relax a bit.

We are employed by the couple. And if you have been recommended by a friend or say a wedding planner ; ), you are representing them too.

I’ve had plenty of brides tell me to have a drink, but I don’t. I want to show them that their day is just important to me as it is to them and that I don’t take that responsibility lightly. They’ve paid for my services with me at my best and I want to deliver until the venue is locked up for night.

Vendors, to show the utmost respect to those paying you to do a job I’m sure you love, don’t drink while working their wedding even if it seems harmless and even if you can argue that one drink doesn’t make a difference. Setting ourselves to a higher standard is something your clients will greatly appreciate.

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