Val Marie Paper :: 2015 Collection

September 9, 2014  |  Southern Fete News

When Val with Val Marie Paper asked for input before she began her 2015 fall collection, I – of course – made a suggestion that there be a new suite with dots. It’s not rocket science. I love dots. Many Southern Fete brides love dots.

I was not let down when she launched her 2015 collection yesterday – including TWO designs including dots. We love supporting local vendors – especially since she has Southern Fete roots. Below are a few of my favorites, but head on over to take a look at the full collection!


The colors of the Emmaline suite stole my heart. Blush + Navy = Be still my heart. I love the femininity of this suite and the simplicity of the design with the emphasis on the bride and groom’s names. The pattern is just lovely.


Now to the dots!



The Beatrice suite caught my eye before I even realized there were dots. I admitted it. I love the whimsy of the fonts and the overall simplicity with a splash of fun. I have a strong feeling there will be a Beatrice Southern Fete bride in the future!


I have to admit that Val gave me the tiniest little sneak peek of the collection by sending the Cecille suite a few weeks ago. While the dots are more noticeable than with the Beatrice suite, I just love it. Picture it in navy, blush, or – wait for it … gold – it takes on a whole new personality. Guests who receive this collection are sure to know it’ll be a party not easily forgotten!



Whether you love dots as much as we do or not, VMP’s twelve new designs balance simplicity with whimsy. Modern with a hint of traditional. Take a look and raise a glass (preferably The Good Life mason jar) to Val for launching her 2015 collection!



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