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May 14, 2010  |  Wedding Tips

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I have some exciting In Her Shoebox posts coming up. Until then, I am planning on posting tips I think don’t get addressed as much for different aspects of the wedding. You already know to “buy flowers seasonally.” What else should you know about flowers? Here’s my top 5:

1. Bring Pictures

If you tell your florist you want purple tulips your definition may be deep purple and their’s may be light purple. Your chances of getting exactly what you are picturing are better when you can SHOW them.

2. Downsize The Bridesmaid Bouquets

One of the quickest ways to cut your flower budget without feeling the sting is shrinking the size of the girls’ bouquets. What’s that? You think  the 11X14 picture you planning on hanging on the wall of your sister walking down the aisle will look better if her flowers really pop. I didn’t think so.

3. Hire a Professional

There are some flowers you can do yourself,  like simple centerpieces but leave the bouquets, corsages and bouts to the professionals. An amateur may put together an amazing bouquet only to have them wilt before the ceremony even begins. Your florist will know what types of flowers weather best during your wedding month, which ones bruise easily, and which ones can withstand an hour of traipsing around a field pre-ceremony if your planning a first look.

4. Trust Your Florist

If you don’t have a favorite flower you want to incorporate, tell your florist your colors. If you are working on a tight budget, they can pick flowers that will give you the feel you want while avoiding the pricier buds.

5. Personalize

Wrap your bouquets with the same patterned fabric present in other parts of the wedding. Incorporate charms with you and your fiane, your bridesmaids, or loved ones initials.

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