Breaking Tradition : The First Look

March 28, 2013  |  Wedding Tips

About little more than a year ago, Val wrote about Southern traditions to ditch.

Rereading this post, I couldn’t help but think about our own wedding and my aversion to first-looks.

As a true Southern bride, we decided not to do a first look — despite our photographer’s recommendation. Looking back, it was a mistake. By the time BC and I took photos, he was “photoed” out, and we were ready to get to the reception. Who isn’t?

The church coordinator was ready to shut things down, and everything felt rushed. And even though there’s one shot we love, these were the photos I wish we would have had more of. There aren’t many traditional shots of BC and I from that day – one of the only downsides to how many photos we have from engagements, bridals, rehearsal dinner and day-of.

Catherine and I spent a lot of time picking a perfect second location for the bridal before shots, but we (I) were stubborn and more dedicated to tradition than to our photographer.

If there’s one thing I’d do over about my wedding (and this is really the only thing), we’d do a first look.

So, here’s to breaking tradition. To first looks!

church photo, tradtional wedding photo

(Here’s our favorite post-ceremony photo.)


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