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October 19, 2016  |  Southern Fete News
It’s really hard to decide where to start with Natalie and Chad’s story or even knowing if words can do it justice. Their story could be told a million different ways. It could one about being high school crushes and college sweet hearts. It could one in reference to the “C” word. But really, it just comes down to being about true love and best friends. 

I remember my first call with Natalie’s mom like it was yesterday. “You’re the infamous Cassie Thibeaux,” is how I remember it starting. From that line on, working with Natalie and Chad and their families was a complete dream. While Natalie focused on finishing her Master’s degree and Chad persevered in his job, Mrs. Julie and I took the reigns and became the Weaver wedding elves. We would routinely get “Great job ladies” emails from Natalie, which may still be one of my favorite highlights (and probably a few emails that won’t be archived!) They so graciously respected the time I was away on maternity leave and trusted that this planner wouldn’t be too rusty for her first one back. 

As October 1 got closer, we all hoped and prayed that the weather would be in our favor. An open-air, outdoor wedding under the festoon lights was Natalie and Chad’s dream and one that ended up coming to life just has they had envisioned. 

I won’t soon forget the amount of love that filled the air during their wedding week, rehearsal, and wedding day. When I walked in to see Natalie the morning of, she skipped around the corner in her Diva-washed PJ’s and threw her hands up in the air with an enthusiastic “HEY!” When I called Chad to check-in and say Happy Wedding Day, he answered with, “You’re the only one I’m picking up the phone for today.” And who’s the lucky one? Me, me, me! 

It’s no secret the Hilliard Museum is one of my favorite venues in town, and this wedding lived up to every expectation I had for it. From a surprise live painter, to a surprise custom signature drink sign and pencil sketches of their two dogs, to surprise boudin as the late night snack, it’s no surprise this planner had “big hair” that night (please tell me you get that reference). 

Here’s only a few of my favorites … and be sure you make it all the way to the end!










There’s something different and meaningful when you say your vows and have actually lived parts of them – for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health – and I share with so many that Natalie and Chad will have an abundant and strong marriage because of the obstacles they have already overcome with such grace, love, and humility.
Natalie and Chad (and Mrs. Julie) – I’m still getting over my email and text message withdrawals and can’t yet bring myself to archive your email folder. Thank you a million times over for choosing and trusting me to be a part of such a special time in each of your lives. You’ve become family, and for that and so many other reasons, I couldn’t be more blessed. I wish you all of the best that life has ahead for you – with Diesel and Lunchbox Larry along for the ride and your wedding planner and her Neily praying for you every step of the way!
Photographer – Jay Faugot Photography
Florist – Root Floral 
Rentals – Party Central
Live Painter – Meredith Piper
Bar Sign – Parcel and Post 
Videographer – 63 Films
Church – Our Lady of Fatima
Reception – Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum
Caterer – Sam Trahan 
Band – Phat Hat 
Cake – Chef Bobby and Dot, Great American Cookie Factory 

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