The Video :: Whitney + Erik

The Video :: Whitney + Erik

November 17, 2011  |  Southern Fete News

We had a wonderful time coordinating Whitney and Eric’s wedding a few weeks ago! The weather was absolutely perfect for an all outdoor event!! Courtney Dellafiora posted this sneak peek (which I’m obsessed with!) AND we’ve also got an amazing video trailer by Contrast Films.

A little background. I definitely cried during a very special moment at the wedding! I don’t normally do that. The groom had been planning for months to surprise the bride during the Hava Nagila song (custom Jewish wedding dance). He was going to start playing his trombone and slowly have 10+ friends from the bridal party come out with instruments playing. A very musical group!! I had known about it for a while but was stunned when I started tearing up at the bride’s reaction. I could see that that moment would be one she’d remember forever when her new husband gave her an unforgettable experience. Anyway here is a link to the video. You’ll see a snippet of this magical moment! So glad Jordy and Chase were there to capture this memory for the bride and groom forever!

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