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December 9, 2011  |  Southern Fete News

I’m going to try to sell you on something for your wedding day but I have a feeling this video will easily convince you.

One of the best ways to personalize your wedding (AND FREE WAYS!) is to write your own vows. I’ve heard brides and grooms say, they aren’t creative or they’d cry or be too nervous. I’m hear to debunk any excuses.

1. You don’t have to be creative! You are sharing your heart. When people get a chance to see that love, it’s real and it gets others involved and wrapped in your love as well. It doesn’t have to be poetry or knee-slapping funny. Here’s a hint to get started: Why do you love your future spouse and how will that love be acted out in the future.

2. Scared you may cry? Newsflash. You probably will cry. But who cares! We did our own vows and I literally had to stop mid-vows and ask my sister for kleenex. You by no means HAVE to cry for people to believe you, but tears show your sincerity and your heart. Don’t feel you need to hide it.

3. Think you’ll be too nervous to do it? Do a first look. It helps with butterflies. You can even opt to share your vows at the first look like Tyler and I did if that would help.

Whatever your worries are, don’t let them hold you back from letting others see WHY they should be celebrating with you. (Rabbit trail: Our world is in dire need of seeing real sacrificial, unconditional love. Imagine the impact it can have!) Back on track, I always tell brides, if your guests feel a part of your story, they will enjoy the experience more and you will in turn feel their love and excitement. And how inspiring to see a couple’s love! I talked about it in this post?

Back to our lovely bride and groom! To be honest, because this was an event design package and because I’m usually doing last minute things at the reception site during the ceremony, I didn’t know Laura and Mark did their own vows until Jordy sent me the trailer. I was blown away! And cried. Like real big tears. Another amazing item in their memory treasure chest. I just love getting to see and hear a couple’s story! It makes me that much more excited to be able to share in their union. And your guests will too! ; )

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