The Stationery!

The Stationery!

December 20, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

We definitely put the cart before the horse when we began designing our invitations. The first thing I knew I wanted was to incorporate custom book page envelope liners. We actually created all 150 of them before I even decided on an invitation concept.

So now we had blue envelopes, black and cream print liners. It definitely helped to reign in a million and one ideas being so limited in what would work with it. As I mentioned the other day, I loved the banner on the Barq’s rootbeer banner and wanted to incorporate that design element somewhere. While working on the crest, the stars aligned and the font I had chosen created a design I loved  when the M of my last name and W from his were meshed together!

When I was studying journalism, a major principle we learned in designing front pages was to never repeat the same format two days in a row. People could easily pass up a newstand when it looks like the same paper. I’ve carried that principle over into my collection of invitations. My goals for my invitations was to do the same: Have a few consistent elements that can be incorporated in different ways to compliment each other and look like a cohesive set, not the same piece.

Our elements were reversed text, stripes, banners, varying shapes and three fonts.

The true test, would be graphic designing fiance like it? Score! He did!

The big question I get is whether I think it’s necessary to do RSVPs. The truth is, many brides don’t get enough feedback for the price they pay to pay for the extra postage and actual card. We decided to send two different RSVP options. To those we knew would respond by mail, like my grandmother, we sent a traditional RSVP. To our tech-friends we sent them a card sending them to our website.

Brides, don’t be afraid to split it up. No guest list will ever be made up of all people who will respond through mail or respond through website. If you really want to get a response back, consider the medium they will find easiest. Out of 250 guest, we heard from everyone but about 20 people. At the point, we facebooked. : )

So now we had our envelope complete and invitations to match. Done right? Not quite! As I put the sample invitation into envelope, I notice text liner and text invitations clash quite a bit! About 5 minutes away from throwing in the towel and scrapping all the hard work, I had an idea. Crisis averted! We opted for a tri-fold black piece of card stock and bakers twine to make it visually aesthetic right as guest pulled out their invitation.

We designed several other pieces for the wedding day.

Our guest book marriage license, marriage tips from our guest, food tags, silly string labels and programs.

We continued the book theme by creating mini booklet programs. I loved the idea of doing white ink of black paper (reverse text, anyone?) but didn’t like the price for printing white ink! Instead I created a stamp and stamped each cover of the booklet with white ink. Very cost effective brides!

Well that was quite a bit of talking on stationery. I’ll let the photos (by Jason Cohen and Mark Eric!) do the rest of it!

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  1. Brilliant! Very stunning as always!

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