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February 26, 2015  |  Southern Fete News

Mag Swag. Six Oaks. Charenton. I feel like this wedding needs it’s own crossword puzzle. Anyone up for it?

I remember the day Anna first met with me like it was yesterday. She skipped into my office, wearing something fabulous as usual, and promptly said “I’ll sign the contract.” Just like that. I decided since we knew each other from way back in children’s choir, she knew what she was getting into. She did. All she wanted was “someone that would handle her s***.” I was honored that she thought/knew I was the planner for her. Anna had a vision, and I was bound and determined to Get. It. Done.

The planning process was never short of laughs, crazy abbreviations, or silly hashtags. I’m sad that January 31, 2015, has come and gone but I know that the St. Blancs will always be friends and I’ll always be an honorary “Broussard sis.” There’s so much that I could say about this wedding, but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.

Here goes …


This front porch … and the simplicity of the color palette in these bouquets. Someone get me a rocking chair and a glass of sweet tea!


Introducing “mag swag!” Disclaimer :: No magnolia trees were hurt in the making of this wedding’s mag swag …



These girls have the kindest hearts, and I loved the few minutes I had with them during the day. They were all smiles and even played “police” when I charged them with keeping Anna in the hotel the morning of the wedding (so she couldn’t sneak a peak)!


This is why first looks are the bee’s knees!




I’m in LOVE with these cufflinks and Anna’s Chloe + Isabel ring!


Can’t say I’ve ever seen a bigger card! You win, Anna!


This picture, y’all. A man, his best friend, and his best friend for life (Anna, that is).



Can we talk about these oak trees? This bridal party?


Oh, and this tent! From the beginning, Anna knew what she wanted and it happened. A big thanks to Cristina at Event Rental for being the mastermind behind this incredible ivory drape! Swoon!





I really should end the blog here because these cakes were the very best cakes I’ve eaten. Can we take a moment? Blaise’s godmother poured all of her love into making these cakes, and every single guest loved her for it. Are you eating your screen yet? Because, you should!




I spy a fan-tabulus chandelier … oh and a pretend garter toss! 🙂


Where does this Go Pro video exist? Blaise’s look is priceless!



Back to the front porch, the mag swag, the oak trees, a fist pump, and a few parting words:

Charenton – I’m sorry I didn’t know you existed until Anna sat in my office and we looked it up on a map. You may be quiet but are filled with so much love. Thank you for welcoming this big-city (Lafayette is big city to Charenton, right?) girl with more love I could have ever expected!

Anna and Blaise – May you always remember just how magical January 31, 2015 was! I wish you only the very best! Thank you for trusting me with such a special day in your lives. I can’t wait to visit casa de St. Blanc once it’s ready!

Cheers to the St. Blancs!


Photographer :: Second Line Photography

Event Rentals :: Event Rental

Hair/Makeup :: Flawless Bride

Florist :: Root Floral + Bride’s Mom

Church :: Immaculate Conception Church

Reception :: Six Oaks (family property)

Food :: Stacy Landry Catering

Band :: Krossfyre

Bridesmaids’ jewelry (and bride’s gorgeous emerald ring) :: Chloe + Isabel, Styled. by Michelle Judice

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