The Reception

December 14, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

We kicked off the reception with our first dance, a special song to us “Precious Love” by James Morrison.

Me and Pops busted a move to Sammy Holbrook singing a modified version of “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughan

These are four of my best friends in the world. And I love this picture because any given visit, we are laughing this much. Now we had proof. 

Mother-Son Dance was “In My Life” by The Beatles. LOVED THIS!

Time to make it official! And cut the cake. We opted out of gathering the wedding party around the cake table. I knew I’d rather enjoy the party than spend a good bit of time wrangling the wedding party for a photo op around the cake table.

Milk and Cookies for the Groom’s Cake

Then time to kick off the shoes…

And dance!

And sing!

When I first heard Sammy Holbrook sing at a rehearsal we were both working, I cried. No lie. It was beautiful and had me full of the emotions a wedding should bring. All at the rehearsal. Like with some of my other vendors, I probably wasn’t their easiest client. : ) I requested that Sammy sing a song as I walked down the aisle. “Heavenly Day” by Patty Griffin. He learned it in a week for piano and vocals. I distinctly remember walking down the aisle and not wanting the walk to end because I wanted to keep hearing the beautiful song. Sammy not only DJs but also sings. When one song fades out he hops on the mike. It takes the guests a few seconds to realize, “No, that’s not Marvin Gaye singing…that’s our DJ!” It always spices up the night. He even sang a King’s of Leon song he remembered me liking that he played during setup for another wedding we had worked together. His soulful voice totally made this decision a no-brainer. He will wow your audience. No question!


And garter toss.

For our wedding, Chris from BrideFilm decided to pull out all the stops. About 15 minutes before it was time to leave the reception, Sammy our DJ announced a special treat for our guest, a trailer video of the day on a big screen TV. More tears ensued. It was so amazing to relive the day and share with our guests what had taken place that they hadn’t seen.

I love my sister’s reaction!!

Check out the video here!! You will not be disappointed!

What can I say? Proof is in the pudding! Tell me you didn’t cry watching this video? Not because of me and Tyler, but because of the amazing way Chris and his team tell a story. I remembered when I first checked out their site for a client, I teared up when I saw one of their videos. I didn’t know the couple at all. That’s how I knew they were good.

Then it was time for our exit. We chose silly string (more info on that tomorrow!)

Such a magical end to a magical day!

Photos by Jason Cohen and Mark Eric.

Next Up: The Details


  1. I would love to use Precious Love for our first dance song as well, but it seems to be a little long – did you use the whole song, or how did you cut the music?

  2. Hey Mary! So glad to hear someone else using the song! It’s so fun!!
    We had the DJ fade our first dance, father-daughter and mother-son son. Specify with them beforehand that you’d like it to last about two minutes or so and they should be able to fade it out and announce the next song with ease!

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