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December 12, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Hello everyone! Today we have photos from our prep on the wedding day and the first look. As I was trying to decide what images to choose, I had trouble narrowing them down. They all tell the story of us. Brides, your wedding day can have inspiration from anywhere but make sure it’s still about the two of you as a couple. It’s easy to get lost in the details. Enough chatter! On to some photos! (by Jason Cohen and Mark Eric)

We got ready at the Carriage House Suites. It’s my top recommended hotel for wedding prep and wedding nights. The rooms AND customer service are amazing. 

Paint on my pants!

Tyler’s sister (and bridesmaid) Leah, knew I didn’t have a something blue so she painted my pinky toe nail that color!

Paint on Tyler! We must be more alike than we think.

Throughout our dating relationship, Tyler would pick me up a card or flowers from Albertsons (because I also enjoyed arranging them myself). He stopped for one last card before our wedding. 

The thing is, he never just gets a normal card. He always gets a random card and make it make sense for us. 

And he usually writes them while he’s still there.

Then I heard a knock on the door! I thought it was someone dropping off something from Tyler. Just before I walked out, my sister stopped me! We talked but didn’t see eachother. 

You’re 6 Today became “You’re Wedding Day Today.”

And he read a sweet note I wrote him! 

Then got ready backstage.

Now Tyler is pretty hi-tech. He had his vows typed on his phone but worked to write them out before showtime. He thought reading from an iPhone might be a little unromantic. ; )

The First Look! Ladies, if you are considering a first look, I highly recommend it. I sort of HATE being in front of large groups of people. This totally put me at ease. I loved sharing in a few minutes together. It also gave us a chance to get some great photos together in the daylight (those to come tomorrow). Also, we wrote our own vows so we took this time to read them to each other so we wouldn’t ball at the ceremony. While I still cried like a baby, I did enjoy hearing them and sharing that experience just the two of us. 

Then it was back to get ready for the ceremony! Here is my precious flower girl Grace! 

A sweet prayer from Dad. 

Then we wait…

A quick peek…

And showtime! 

Tomorrow I share pictures of the ceremony and our portrait session.


  1. I just looked at the first look pictures really slowly like it was a movie and then I burst into tears!!!!!!! :*)

  2. Beautiful post! I’m curious Val, who did you makeup?

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