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February 4, 2015  |  Southern Fete News

There are some couples you love from the very beginning. When I first met with Traci, some of the first things she said to me were, “I’m crazy,” “We’re not engaged; just getting married,” “I never thought I would get married,” and “We just want a party.” Oh I forgot one, “I’m pregnant with twins.” This would usually prompt me to run far, far away, but I had this little feeling. A feeling that told me to push back my December vacation, buckle down and plan.

Planning this wedding in just short of three months was a little hectic to say the least, but I honestly don’t think it could have turned out more perfectly! The best part of my job is watching two people who love each other celebrate that with their family and friends. Traci and Jake (and their sweet twin boys) are loved by so many, and seeing everyone celebrate them was amazing.

Traci pulled me aside at the reception – to which I could only guess what she was going to ask/tell me – but she thanked me. Thanked me for being the only person to challenge her original plans of getting married at a courthouse and showing up for a party. (Looking back I realize I was the only one brave enough to challenge a strong-willed, pregnant mommy to twins!) For challenging her to want more for a dream she didn’t even know that she had and for making that dream more perfect than she could have ever imagined. Planner heart attack (in the best way possible). We hugged it out, took a picture together, and got her back on the dance floor. 🙂

Enough of the emotional stuff … choosing my favorite images is becoming harder and harder but here goes.

Traci and Jake-2

Traci and Jake-31


Traci and Jake-59

Traci and Jake-80

Traci and Jake-116

Traci and Jake-120

Traci and Jake-130

Traci and Jake-140

Traci and Jake-144

Traci and Jake-155

Traci and Jake-198

Traci and Jake-245

Traci and Jake-263

Traci and Jake-265

Traci and Jake-271

Traci and Jake-275

Traci and Jake-293

Traci and Jake-307

Traci and Jake-310

Traci and Jake-317

Traci and Jake-341

Traci and Jake-8

Traci and Jake were not technically “engaged” so her rings were a complete surprise. She gave me permission to sneak a peak before the ceremony for the photographers and videographers to capture it. I just stared. I knew she had no clue what Jake had picked up and the moment she saw them at the ceremony certainly didn’t disappoint. She did manage to mutter, “I deserved this” (or something along those lines) from behind her hand, which was glued over her mouth in shock!

Traci and Jake-387

Traci and Jake-391

Traci and Jake-407

Traci and Jake-422

Traci and Jake-426

Traci and Jake-452

Traci and Jake-516

Traci and Jake-585


Traci and Jake-487

Traci and Jake-636

Traci and Jake-671

Traci and Jake-702

Traci and Jake-724

Traci and Jake-727

Traci and Jake-729

You should also do yourself a favor and watch their amazing wedding video.

Traci and Jake (baby Baer and Dean, too), I couldn’t have been more blessed than to have shared in your wedding day! Thank you for trusting me and for letting me challenge you! I know you will be fabulous parents, and I wish your sweet little family all of the happiness (and successful hunting and fishing trips) in the world.


Photographer :: Hannah Mulligan Photography

Reception :: Social Southern Table and Bar

Florist :: Root Floral

Band :: Randy Latiolais

Cake :: Sugar Belle by Elise

Videographer :: 63 Films

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