The Little Things

June 1, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

Now that the big stuff is taken care of, it’s those little things that start creeping in my head reminding me “I’m so not done.”

I literally just stopped typing this blog to make a list of it all before I forgot.

It feels like there are seriously a MILLION little things that need to happen. Some are so tiny or somewhat unimportant and feel like they don’t even deserve the ink it takes to add them to the list. But let’s be honest, they will never get done if I don’t.

It’s amazing how much my own planning experience has made me think about how pleasant, if not vital, having a planner can be. I shout tongue and cheek at some point pretty much every week “I need a wedding planner!!”

Having someone to handle all the vendors, “boring stuff,” etc. while I try on shoes and jewelry? Yes please!

So back to the details. I haven’t had to deal too much with wedding insurance in my last two years of business but something this week made me rethink it for myself and to mention to other brides: what the newspaper calls an “active hurricane season.” If you are on the coast you understand the fears associated with that.

The first wedding I ever planned was the day of Hurricane Ike. It eventually landed in Texas but the night before lights went out at the dress rehearsal and on the wedding day half the city of New Iberia was ordered to evacuate, luckily not our half. I had also attended a friend’s wedding two weeks earlier that year, the day before Hurricane Gustav hit. The wedding was an hour away and as we headed to the wedding, we saw tons of other cars headed other directions to evacuate the area. I know several other guests coming from other places who couldn’t make the drive because of traffic and contraflow. Oh to be a bride on your wedding day knowing a hurricane is about to ruin on those “little things.” It’s my new wedding fear, (seriously I conquer one and a new one hits) but not for long!

To avoid four months of being glued to the meteorologists predictions and weather forecasts, I’m getting wedding insurance. The price is reasonable for what you are getting: peace of mind. Two years ago I probably would scoff at the idea. Having seen other bride’s days tainted with worries over hurricanes gave me a new approach.

Brides, consider getting wedding insurance if:

– you live on the coast and are getting married this hurricane season (active season predicted)

– you are marrying a someone in the military and approved leave could be canceled

– you are concerned about a vendor not delivering as promised

– you are spending oodles of money and, like the majority of us, can’t just withdraw a second wedding fund from the bank

I know no one wants to think this can happen to them but the truth is, it happens to someone. And we know that all you technically need for the perfect wedding day is your soulmate, officiant and marriage license, but it still doesn’t hurt to protect your wedding day and all your hard work on the little things!

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