The Leonpachers :: Alex + Andrew

January 13, 2015  |  Southern Fete News

Alex and Andrew are two of the sweetest and most sincere people I’ve yet to meet. From our very first meeting, I knew that these two would hold a special place in my planner heart! Alex, while not born in the South, has a Southern charm about her that is beyond endearing – not to mention the most impeccable taste – while Andrew is one of the most thoughtful and kindhearted grooms I’ve worked with.

There wasn’t a detail that Alex overlooked, and I think it’s safe to say that their wedding came to life just as they had hoped and dreamed about. Kelly of Spindle Photography was amazing to work with and was the perfect fit to capture their journey to become Mr. and Mrs. Leonpacher.

I spent hours poring over their galleries and tried to pick just a handful of favorites. I’ll leave you to enjoy this amazing black and white wedding under the stars – of course with commentary by yours truly!







Dots, dots, and more dots!


If this isn’t proof that you should have a first look, I’m not sure what is!



Confession :: the bridal party tried to peek in from inside the house on their first look. I can’t say that I didn’t try myself. These two weren’t fooled and took a second to acknowledge the curious crowd inside! 🙂


When Alex and I talked about where the first look would be, I cautioned her that the reception site wouldn’t look complete until well after everyone had left for the ceremony. Sure enough, there were a few items that were held up on a FedEx truck flying around town and didn’t arrive until after they were partying their way to the church. I was waiting for Alex to sweetly ask me why I was stalling to finish setting up the table or why this was like that, but she had the best go-with-the-flow attitude.



The day before the wedding, Andrew spent time with his brother and grandfather to assemble rocking chairs that were added to the porch for guests to enjoy at Alex’s request. Isn’t this one of the best bridal party pictures ever? I have a feeling that Alex and Andrew will continue to enjoy these rocking chairs with friends and family now at their house. Who knows, they may even make it until they’re older and grey! 🙂




Aren’t the flowers so incredible you want to eat them? Wait, that’s only me?


There’s so much love in this one photo. Alex and her mom collected ALL of the silver pieces for the flowers. When she delivered them to Lafayette, Mia and I unpacked each of them like kids on Christmas morning. It was a sad day when I had to send them back with Alex. I also have to point out that a family friend sewed each of these swiss dot table runners that brought so much character to the tent. Must I point out that these dotted runners hold a special place in my heart?


There’s a little improvisation that has to happen at every wedding … and here is one of them that just happens to still be my favorite arrangement to date. Mia is so talented and was able to adjust to make this happen.


Among other things that made my heart flutter in our first meeting, Alex mentioned the necessity of having an oyster station at the reception to “honor the groom”. These literally FLEW off the table.


Shouldn’t every bar have a boxwood swag? I mean really!



From the beginning, Alex knew she wanted a Meche’s donut midnight snack with coffee service instead of a groom’s cake. First, can I tell you how incredible the room smelled as we stuffed 400+ donut holes into their bags? I need a minute! The personalized coffee cups were a hit and even though it was hard to pull guests off the dance floor, it was so much fun to see them enjoy these snacks!


While a few of Andrew’s favorite things were found at the reception, it was important to Alex and her mom for her New England favorites to also find a special place. So many guests made note of how much they enjoyed this table and the “foreign-to-Southerners” treats they snuck from it.


Only the biggest tent I’ve worked with to date. While there wasn’t much time to just stand there and take it in, believe me when I say it even took my breath away! Throughout the day, we had quite a few “visitors” stop by to walk through the tent and take pictures. You could tell they wished they would have know the couple and have been invited to this wedding. It truly was a site to be seen!


Are there even words for this photo? Per. Fection.

Alex and Andrew’s wedding certainly could not have come to life so perfectly without an incredible group of vendors who I’d be lucky to spend every weekend with!


Photography :: Spindle Photography

Church :: St. Genevieve Catholic Church

Reception :: Paul and Lulu Hilliard Art Museum // A Hays Town House

Flowers :: Root Floral

Catering :: Sam Trahan Catering

Rentals :: Event Rental and Event Restroom

Band :: Phat Hat

Bride’s Cake :: Crystal Weddings

Groom’s Midnight Treat :: Meche’s Donuts

Hair // Makeup :: Bleu Coiffure

Invitation Suite :: Val Marie Paper

Calligrapher :: Patricia Leith

Eventware :: Inkling Design Studio



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