The Home Stretch

August 11, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

We are about 6 weeks away from the wedding and everything is starting to feel so real. You can talk about something forever and it always seems like it’s some distant future you will never reach. Not anymore!

The next six weeks will be packed with what I consider the “fun” part! The big wedding shower my sister has been working so hard on is less than 2 weeks away, our bachelorette beach trip is a week later. In a month we’ll starting painting and moving stuff to the new apartment.

I have a feeling this time will fly by, and although I am so ready for the day to get here, I may be trying to stop time pretty soon to accomplish everything that needs to be done before September 25.

Right now I am remembering what I remembered that day Tyler proposed: “Slow down. And take it all in.” I have heard from so many brides over the last 5 months about their experiences on the their wedding day. Based on their advice and some things I’ve learned the last two years planning weddings, here are my 5 wedding day commandments.

1. I am determined to not let it fly by. How do you do this? THINK. Sounds silly, but time usually flies when we aren’t thinking.

2. I am determined to not worry about the details on the wedding day. I know I will be tempted to straighten linens, remove dishes, etc. Just as I tell all my brides the night of the rehearsal “From this point on, don’t even think about logistics or details, enjoy the experience.” Our day-of coordinator will be in control.

3. I won’t drink more than our glass of champagne. It seems a bit cliche: Sober Susie never drinks and is just so excited on her wedding day she drinks whatever comes her way. If my beliefs have kept me from getting drunk the other 25 (almost 26!) years of my life, why would I make an exception on one of the most important days of life!

4. I will focus on the people and the celebration. This includes greeting everyone and dancing with my closest friends. I want our guest to truly know and feel our appreciation for them sharing in this momentous day.

5. As mentioned before, I don’t skip meals. : ) And our food will be delicious so I am determined to eat. Even if that means scarfing down food in a closet with my groom before we’re introduced. ** Because weddings in the South are not sit down dinners, most brides don’t get a chance to eat because they are greeting their guests as others eat.

Former brides, have any other advice for enjoying the wedding day??

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  1. Thanks for all the advice you gave me so as for a little advice to you on your wedding day – here’s what I got…My biggest is that you should soak up the day, have at least 15 minutes after the ceremony with JUST you and your brand new hubby, for Nathan and I it was our carriage ride to the reception about a mile away, just enough time for him and I to share our excitement and a quiet emotional moment that we had just gotten married. It is one of the most special memories I have of the whole day. And also, when you have greeted the guests and are ready to dance, just do it and do it as long as you want – its a celebration and the best party you will ever have!

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