The Future of Weddings

June 5, 2012  |  Wedding Tips

Inspiration here has been pretty sparse lately. It’s hasn’t just been because of a busy season but because I’m having trouble deciding what to feature.

We’ve had eras of very distinctive trends (like rustic, modern, art deco, garden, even ballroom) and I’ve always been excited to see what the new trends are. And excited to share those things with you. I think the era of “trends” as a whole is almost dead. Simply put, we won’t have weddings that have every detail based around one theme.

This could totally just be my own interpretation or a point you reach after being surrounded by weddings long enough but I honestly think/hope the way we look at trends will change and what’s trendy may be “personalization” and not one theme like “vintage.” This doesn’t mean there won’t be vintage weddings but that they will be based on meaningful back stories and can include other elements as well.

As I follow blogs and inspiration, I’ve felt a major mental block to share anything because I don’t want to put crazy ideas on here for people to simply incorporate because it’s cool/trendy/pretty. I also think I felt the need to explain why I don’t put everything cool that I see.

Now that I’ve shared my thoughts, what has inspired me lately?

I personally think decor will shift from “everything but the kitchen sink” to clean and simple pieces that pack more punch. Things that have inspired me lately are these more simplistic and clean elements, whether it’s modern or vintage. Less stuff leaving room for what’s most important. THE PEOPLE. This obviously means the couple, but the friends and family as well.

Weddings have so much potential power.

1. Whether it’s showing people a deep and meaningful love between a couple that will last. (You have no idea who has lost all hope in true love, or may be thinking their own marriage is near over and find encouragement in witnessing your love story).

2. Others observing how many guests show an outpouring of love and support on a couple. (I’ve witnessed this with one of my couples in particular, Summar and Stewart, and it was such an inspiring day. It changed me and challenged me to love more selflessly. I had countless guest coming up to me and telling me why they loved Summar and Stewart. How amazing that a wedding can do that! It made me that much more excited to see these two people come together)

3. Families that come together, find a common ground. It’s amazing how two people can bring together two different types of people. For weddings, people put those differences aside to celebrate the love between the bride and groom. Seeing them mix and mingle is always fun and inspiring to watch!

I plan to post more inspiration with the hopes that it will inspire your own story!! Enjoy a few of my recent favorites!

1. Couple 2. Hedges 3. Aisle 4. Outdoor Space 5. Cake 6. Couple

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