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December 22, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Today I’m sharing my very favorite images from our wedding day.

During our first look, we also had a first listen to our vows. This shows the emotion I was feeling as I read him my vows and his sweet calm face.

This photo has such build up! They’re dressed and ready to do this: like the astronauts heading to their shuttle.

This picture, I felt truly captured the grandeur of the Opera House. I think before you get married, you always “see” the wedding happening from above. In my mind, this is how I had pictured it for so long. Seeing the reality of it is crazy to me.

For obvious reasons! It’s that first moment when we thought “We’re married!”


I loved this picture of Grace. The day we got engaged, I went over to her house to tell her and ask her to be my flower girl. It was the first decision I made! And she just loved looking at my ring. The next time she saw me, she looked at my hand to see if I was wearing it. I told her I’d wear it forever and that on my wedding day, I’d get one more to go with it. This is her checking out the new addition!

I just love Tyler’s mom’s expression during the mother-son dance. She’s savoring a very special moment she will never forget. And if she does, she’ll have this photo to remind her.

My grandmother pulled me on the dance floor and told me “This is me and Gramps song!” He passed away 15 years ago. I was honored to share in that dance with her.

I love this photo! This is me, soaking up the day, completely living it up and reveling in a time I will cherish forever.

During the reception, I pulled Tyler from the reception to get the next photo.

We had to recreate our proposal day!

At the end of the night, when the videographer showed us the Trailer of the day, it was very emotional and exciting to share that with everyone. And it seemed to me to symbolize Tyler as my partner and protector and comfort. His faces says “Everything is good.”

My parents during the video. Just made me smile! : )

So we may have forgotten to actually get pictures in the photo booth until we were walking out. We quickly grabbed this shot and made our way to the silly string exit!

Photos by Jason Cohen and Mark Eric! One more post coming later today you don’t want to miss!

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