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December 17, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

The main inspiration for our wedding day was a Barq’s rootbeer can.

It’s my biggest sweet tooth weakness. One day I was looking at the design and loved the feel and colors. Things we took from it directly were the silver, seen in the mercury glass, ribbon banner seen in the invitations and greenery seen in the moss.

Another big theme we played with were letters. Tyler is a graphic designer and web developer. We incorporated it in the book pages, letters at the photo booth, toy block letters at the bar and other places.

For the ceremony, we just did candelight. Brides, it’s a great way to work with a venue that may not mesh well with your colors. Our colors were blue, green, black and white. Not red velvet curtain. : ) BUT we loved the look of the theater so a nice glow worked for us! We lined the stairs up the the opera house and the aisle itself with mercury glass candleholders.

To say that I’m a bit picky about flowers is an understatement! I know the names and when their in season, the pricing and colors. I was quite the undertaking as a client and Rodney and crew did an outstanding job. He knew anemones were a must for me and made sure to have them their (even though it took an arm an a leg to get them). And even made sure to have ranunculus. I honestly thought these would be impossible to get because they are available in spring not fall. Did I mention I was also picky about the containers? I didn’t make their job easy but they were so sweet and accommodating for my request. Whatever sounded far-fetched, Rodney still made happen.

I’ve worked with the team at Party Central on a lot of different weddings and they have always done such a good job from picking items to setup and tear down. I didn’t need much set up but had fallen in love with a certain new linen I had seen there months before. It was a soft burlap dressed up with threads of silver: just the perfect complement to my bark meets mercury glass centerpieces. Also on this table is our “marriage license” guestbook!

“Best wedding food ever.” We heard this from tons of our guest. Zea’s is a staple restaurant in Lafayette for delicious food. Serve that up at a wedding? Just as amazing! I knew the food would be good but actually hadn’t done a wedding with them before my own. I was so pleased with their service and presentation! As I mentioned before, I was making it a point to eat at my wedding. When I finally got to my plate about 15 minutes after it was served, it was still deliciously hot! And did I mention they have very very reasonable prices?? I could not have been happier with the job they did for us!! It was special for us to share just one more thing with our guest that was part of relationship prior to our wedding. We had attended Zea’s on several special or even not so special occasions.

Green snap peas and dirty rice

Duck empanadas (my fave!!)

Individual-sized hummus

And everyone’s favorite: Thai Ribs!

Throughout my past two years of being a wedding planner I get a big craving for Crystal Weddings cake about once a month. It’s usually fulfilled by a wedding I have that month. They have done a wonderful job for me countless times before my own wedding. It wasn’t a question where I’d be getting my sweet tooth fix! I change my wedding cake design, oh, THREE times. Yep. And each time they were so willing and polite to accommodate it. I absolutely loved the flavors we chose and am actually still getting to enjoy the leftovers like it was baked yesterday. Crystal Weddings offers a free tasting for brides and also sends couples home with a separate freezer-ready top tier so when you finally eat it on your one year anniversary, you won’t have to worry about freezer burn. It also allows you to cut up your entire cake on the wedding day to serve to guest.

We had a wonderful mutual friend who has baked and decorated beautiful cakes for a bunch of birthdays for our friends. She’s so creative and talented. She made one of Tyler’s favorite desserts: The Double Doosie. It’s two cookies sandwiched between icing. Michelle, is probably used to making a dozen or so at a time, made 200 double doosies! They were definitely a favorite among our guest!

A Ring Bowl from Paloma’s Nest. We seriously use this every night to keep our rings so they never get lost.

I bought all the vases and candle holders and vintage books. If you are looking for a similar look, I will be posting soon about how to rent them.

We had guest give us their best marriage advice when they RSVP’d online. We placed them on many of the tables. 

We set up a photo booth with letters for people to create words.

Their advice? Fight Nude. You’ll either end up laughing or making up. ; )

Recreating the classic bride and groom pose. 

My office mates!

In this photo, if you notice the frame on the right, after Tyler and I got engaged, his mom gave me a gift. It was a frame of photos of Tyler as a child and a note he wrote August 28, 1993. It said “I will not kiss the bride.” With a picture of a bride and groom. He had told him mom around that time that he wanted to get married but didn’t want to kiss his bride. And August 28?? That’s actually my birthday!

For our exit, we decided on silly string. I wish I could claim that I created the idea but I actually saw it in Tara Guerard‘s book of weddings. But why did I think it fit us?? We included the story on the can. “One day Tyler told Valerie ‘We’re on the same team, silly.’  Valerie said ‘Team Silly?’  The name stuck. Thank you for celebrating the official joining of team silly. Send us off with a shower of silly string.


  1. I am soo glad you used this idea! I love your cans too…great design.
    Best wishes always,
    tara guerard

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