The Chiarullis :: Danielle + Anthony

July 10, 2015  |  Southern Fete News

I remember the first time I spoke with Danielle I was so impressed with how calm, relaxed, and sweet she was. She was engaged to a former grade and high school classmate of mine, and I felt like we instantly hit it off.

Together, Danielle and Anthony are such a sweet and thoughtful couple. One of my favorite memories from their wedding was Anthony surprising Danielle with a limo to take her and her bridesmaids to Rip Van Winkle. The limo was running just a bit behind schedule, and Danielle was adamant that she wanted to stick to my timeline. The maid of honor and I were texting back and forth as she dipped into her bag of tricks to stall Danielle, but Danielle was getting upset. Finally, I told her MOH to blame it all on me. Say that I was coming, and she couldn’t leave before I got there.

Let’s just say Danielle wasn’t too happy with me. When the limo arrived and Danielle saw it for the first time, she was shocked. This was all caught on camera, but for me, the best part was when she said, “I feel so bad for being mad at Cassie!”

My second favorite memory of the night was when Danielle and Anthony had the chance to just take a look around the room, hear the band, see their guests dancing, and notice the decorations and flowers. Danielle said to me, “You were our best decision.”

It’s moments like those – both the limo and the sweet compliment – that power me through the details, timelines, and grunt work of being a wedding planner.

Danielle and Anthony – Thank for you letting me part of your big day, your surprises. I wish you all of the best and am elated to say that grade-school friends have now become my “adult” friends.


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Photographer :: Sharper Photography

Venue :: Rip Van Winkle Gardens

Flowers :: Flowers by Rodney

Cakes :: Sky’s the Limit Cakes

Band :: Nik L Beer

Caterer :: Two Guys Catering


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