The Ceremony & The Portraits

December 14, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves today! (with a little commentary! ; )

As soon as I saw the candles down the aisle I started to cry. Why did that trigger my tears? Because I had this image of how it would look throughout the engagement…and it was exactly as I imagined it! I just couldn’t believe I was in this moment I had dreamed of for so long.

I was a basket case! Felt like such a lucky girl. I just love Tyler’s cute expression!

So we had one little mishap. I put my engagement ring on my right hand as is tradition so the wedding band can be closer to your heart. After the wedding band is placed on the finger, the engagement band can be placed on top. Well when they announced for Tyler to put on the ring, I looked down, saw my engagement ring on my right hand and gave it too him. Then quickly pulled it back!

Tumble! We dropped the ring. : ) I love my bridesmaids reactions in these next two. 

Josh, our minister, is a dear friend of Tyler’s. It was so special to have him a part of our ceremony. Our pastor at the church we attend gave a charge to us. I value everything they said! So heartfelt and meaningful.


Brides, if you are trying to decide what to get your groom for the wedding gift, might I suggest a boudoir album by Courtney of The Boudoir Vixen?? Check out more of the album reveal and my thoughts on her blog here


Your formals don’t have to be on the altar. I found these vintage chairs and couch and knew it’d be a fun spot.

Photos by Jason Cohen and Mark Eric.

Next up: The Reception!!

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