The Art of Leaping

April 16, 2012  |  Personal, Southern Fete News

Tap tap. Is this thing on? I know it’s been pretty quiet here on the blog this month. What a wild 6 weeks it’s been! I’ve had so much writer’s block lately and honestly wasn’t sure what to say in the middle of so much going on. Personal posts are hard to write on a blog for my business. Here goes.

The last two months have been a roller coaster of emotions and decisions. Tyler and I made big decisions and I had two big transitions. God placed me with a man that shared my drive to do things we wanted to do, no matter how crazy they seemed. Sounds simple enough.

We made decisions and plans to set ourselves up for a successful future. And we are going to make sacrifices to make it happen. Like Dave Ramsey says “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.”

So we decided to downsize our already downsized apartment to save money. We said goodbye to our lake walks, personal washer and dryer and gate code. Did we HAVE to? No. Was it a tough decision? Yes. But we knew what we wanted. And honestly, we feel more comfortable and feel more at home at our new apartment. Maybe it’s sheer joy from knowing we are doing something for our future. Like the joy of sweat or sore muscles after a workout knowing you’re growing stronger.

About a week before we moved out of our apartment, we found out my office had found new tenants to fill our lease. This was a decision we had made but we were not expecting anything quickly. We had three weeks to be out.

My new office a bit prematurely scheduled was to be our dining room. It’s only been a few days. It hasn’t been easy but I know it’s worth it.

Why am I telling y’all this?

Planning is so incredibly important but so is making steps towards things we want.  If there is something you want, GO FOR IT! Some things will be hard and you will have to make sacrifices. It was true for starting my own business. It was true for spending a month in Philly. And it is true for this next phase that I can’t wait to share with y’all.

I’ll be sharing later today some big news that has played a factor into our big plans. No, I’m not pregnant! Stay tuned! : )

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  1. Love the last paragraph! That’s always my FIRST response after I say, “Hey! Big news! No, I’m not…..” ALWAYS. Proud of you!

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