Stacy + Darrell: First Look

January 12, 2010  |  Southern Fete News

I am sure you’ve heard me talk about the first look. It’s when the bride and groom… (gasp!) see each other before the wedding!! I used to be pretty traditional in my opinion in that I could never ever ever no way never be convinced to see the groom before the wedding. After several of my photog friends explained it to me and several daring couples went for it, I saw the beauty of it. And the logic behind it. Calm nerves, daylight for great pics, and a sweet intimate moment with the person you are about to marry. Sooo…my sweet couple who got married last November opted for the first look. And check out the outcome! Amazing pictures from Dawn Earles! Wedding pics to come. Enjoy!!

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  1. Beautiful! I love her work!

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