Southern Traditions to Ditch

Southern Traditions to Ditch

February 6, 2012  |  Wedding Tips

Here in the South, we’re pretty traditional. While there are some traditions that should always be incorporated (a post to come on that!) there are a few ones to reconsider.

To every bride who thought… they’d never see the groom beforehand.

Let me put one of your fears to rest, seeing the groom very rarely changes the reaction of the groom as you walk down the aisle. This is for one of two reasons: 1.) Most grooms aren’t about to cry in front of that many people. Even if they want to, they are telling themselves not to react. 2.) Seeing you before is quite different from when you’ve got your veil on, dad on your arm and those doors swing open and the music is playing. It’s such an incredible moment that if they are going to cry, seeing you before won’t stop it. Want to spice it up? Have flower girl hand the groom a sweet note right before the ceremony starts!

To every bride who thought… their invitations needed to be simple and formal.

From reviewing my sales, I’ve found our modern colorful designs are purchased mostly from brides outside of Louisiana while our more traditional designs are purchased almost exclusively by brides from Louisiana. Because brides, for the most part, get married in Louisiana at a younger age, parents pay for the wedding and have more say in design aspects. I’ve seen countless times moms expect the invitation to look the same as the invitations they are accustomed to seeing.

If you are a bride hoping for something outside the box, how can you find a compromise? Make sure the QUALITY is high. Even colorful designs can still look formal on high quality paper and great printing. Also, consider designs that have spot color rather than full color and even double envelopes.

Note: If you are a bride who WANTS a traditional invitation, do it!

To every bride who thought… you needed tons of family pictures on the altar.

As you make your portrait shot list, think about what photos will be framed. Do you have an ill grandmother that will likely make this your last family photo of everyone together? Will you print photos of you will each bridesmaid? I have seen one million different combinations of pictures. Bride, Groom, Brother, Mom, Dad. Now one without brother. Now one without mom and dad. Many of these will likely never be printed but the cost was high to take them. Formal portraits can take as much as 30 minutes…of that wedding you paid so much for, remember?? ; ) Keeping the list as short as possible or taking them beforehand is ideal.

To every bride who thought… an aunt or friend could handle coordinating the day.

This is so common here! I’ve known several friend who had an aunt coordinate their wedding day that worked perfectly. These were usually relatives that planned all the family events and had tons of wedding day experience.

The perk of hiring someone for this position is being able to get what you want. I’ve had people do me favors before and it’s really hard to ask for changes or put too much on their plate because it’s a favor. Pay someone so you don’t feel bad putting them to work. You will get so much more out of it.

Next up, a few of my favorite Southern Traditions!


  1. Yes! This blog post needed to be written, thank you! Couldn’t agree more, can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  2. I so wish brides could be convinced of all of these! Wonderful post!


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