Southern Fete Turns Three!

September 1, 2011  |  Southern Fete News

How do you even begin to sum up a whole year in one post?? There have been a few big milestones this year so I’ll just hit the high notes.


To my best friend! I can’t believe it’s already been almost a year. How did that happen? There is life after planning your wedding. A really really great one! Don’t ever forget that, brides. You’ve got an incredible journey ahead. And the reason I do what I do is to get you to that beginning of the journey.

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And from that notion, was born the Southern Life Collection. Paper products for everyday life for the new wife. I get eyesores from bad type and design. It was inevitable that I’d be creating my own memo pads, calendars, recipe boxes, etc. I’m just so glad I got to share them with y’all too!

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This past 12 months I’ve been able to be a part of one of the best day’s of 16 couples lives(so many weddings to blog about still). It’s truly overwhelming when I actually think about how special that is. I get to be the last one who pumps you up before you go down the aisle, bustle your dress, fix your fallen hair, bring you drinks, intercept problems, and even hold your dress for you in the bathroom. ; )

You may have heard me say it before, but when I started Southern Fete, I saw a big opportunity to leave my mark in Lafayette weddings. The wedding planning field was small. To be honest, most brides here had never considered using a wedding planner. That role seemed to belong to aunts. In the past three years, and last year in particular, I’ve see so much change in that thought. Many of you have said you can’t imagine going through this process without me as your wedding planner. That has meant so much to me to know you’ve found the value in what I do.

I got this sweet note last week and just had to share. It’s from one of the brides I’m working with, Megan Murphy. Vendors should seriously pay to work with her. She’s that amazing! ; )

Hey Val! I wanted to share a little story with you…I met with Kim at the Opera House last week. and of course I brought my invite along with me to show off! She instantly knew it was the work of the “Amazing Valerie” (Southern Fete)…this led her to tell us your AMAZING proposal story! We were all teary eyed and had goosebumps! After the story, mom, Kim and I went on and on about you and what a blessing you’ve been!

Every vendor I have met has had nothing but great things to say about you! You have truly touched my life – you inspired me! You will continue to do amazing things! Thank you for being you and for doing what you do! God has truly blessed you with so many beautiful talents and I am so lucky to have had you share some of those talents with me!


Megan Murphy

I get teary-eyed even reading this all over again. It’s human nature to want to make a difference. When I get emails or letters like this, HEARING that you have been affected by what I’ve worked so hard on for three years is incredibly gratifying and inspiring. I COULD NOT do what I do without that encouragement and support. I’m forever grateful, ladies.

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20 new suites. TWENTY! Once again, I don’t know how that happened. But it did and y’all have been wonderfully receptive to it. When I designed it, I truly hoped to create designs that you look at and just know, this is the one! Just like your fiance, right? I didn’t want a bunch of safe designs that you “kinda liked.” Who gets excited about that?? Thank you for every kind word you’ve ever shared with me about this collection. It only inspires me to make the next even better for you!

Photos by Courtney Dellafiora


Oh Philly! Such an adventure. At some point every single day we were away, I thought, “We are so incredibly lucky for this opportunity.” I know what you’re thinking. I could never do that. You can! It just takes lots of extra work but it’s so worth it. Check out what the last month was like here.

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What’s in store for this next year.


For the next month (fingers crossed!), I will be posting each weekday to celebrate our big milestone. Each week we’ll have different series: Are They Worth It? (Getting Quality Vendors), Inspiration Boards (Comment with any palettes you’d like to see), Southern Traditions (To Break, Keep and Tweak), and New Trends (Based on my humble opinion ; )

And then we’ve got some surprises in store for October!! Can’t wait to share.

Thanks everyone for an amazing three years. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next three years!

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