Save the Dates & Sundresses

May 11, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

I learned a BIG lesson this week.

There will never be any time to plan this here wedding. I have to make it.

This may be obvious to some. For me, I just assumed owning my own business meant I could take time in my day to drop a contract off here and swing by a vendor there. Well the last two months have taught me…not so much. There is always going to be something else I should be working on. All day. Every day. Even while I sleep. Being an entrepreneur means sometimes the lines are blurred. I am working to create that balance by not working on nights or weekends (obvious exception: weddings!) but it’s a constant struggle.

Tyler and I have been trying to work on our save the date for a good month. Last week I was hell bent on making sure we got it done. We are less than 5 months away and at some point a save the date just becomes the invitation. But I own an invitation company?? How could I not send them out??

We were derailed several times to get it done (Tyler owns his own business too. Double wammy). We finally carved out the time and got it done. And I am so pleased with the final design!! Now to just get them printed, addressed, stuffed and stamped.

I vented to my sister about how much more difficult the process was than it should have been and she suggested I make “appointments” to work on the wedding. Schedule it on my calendar and treat it like one of my client appointments and not something I do once every other task complete. Which has that every actually happened for anyone?

Wanna know one of my big wedding fears about the wedding? That it won’t live up to the “Oh my gosh! You’re a wedding planner. I can’t wait to see what you do for your own wedding” hype because I just won’t have time to work on it. And that it will be thrown together in the final month.

I have had several dreams about being unprepared for my wedding. I hear it is pretty common for brides. The most vivid? The wedding took place inside a shack. My flowers were hideous and I was wearing a white sundress. Right before I walked down the “aisle” I cried saying “I had one day to wear a pretty white dress and I’m wearing this???” Thankfully I have already chosen my attire and it’s no sundress!

Have you had any crazy wedding dreams as a bride?? We want to hear them!!


  1. I am an entrepreneur too, in the same boat. Haven’t had the dreams yet but I’m sure they are coming! We will just have to continue to quest for balance…….. I know we can do it!

  2. Definitely had numerous scary wedding dreams, many including wardrobe malfunctions. I think the worst was probably the one where all of my bridesmaids showed up wearing really tacky minidresses- and they were all pregnant. 🙂 It’s totally normal and don’t worry, your wedding will be beautiful!!

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