June 6, 2011  |  Personal, Southern Fete News

Five years ago, I spent a summer in Philly interning at Philadelphia STYLE Magazine.

It was my first big adventure. Besides working at the magazine, I learned to love baseball watching the Phillies play, ate apples we picked about an hour beforehand. I took a train to NYC for my first visit to the big city and visited friends in DC. I was lucky enough to have family in suburbs to stay with. I left with a heavy heart knowing I wouldn’t ever live there again.

My sweet husband and I share so many dreams together. One of those dreams was to spend a month each year in a different city. We’re blessed to both own businesses where working remotely is possible. I’m so excited for OUR first big adventure together.

So for the entire month of August, we will be living in downtown Philadelphia!

Everything fell right into place as my spring and fall weekends began to pile high, while July-September I was able to keep free. This trip will be the perfect end to an already amazing spring wedding season and refreshing beginning to a crazy fall!

We’ve got a few things planned for our trip:

1. Working with our clients and on our businesses till about 2 each weekday. (I’ll still be working with my brides on wedding plans and taking invitation orders. And will also have a new team member starting soon to take care of things at the office.)

2. Exploring the city and finding inspiration for creative projects in the afternoon. (This is so essential for creatives to stay inspired and keep producing work they’re proud off.)

3. Taking trips on weekends to NYC, DC and Boston. (If you know me well, you know I can’t fly because of bad ears. : ( This will be an amazing opportunity for me to visit places I wouldn’t get to visit.) Edit: Will also be visiting two current brides who conveniently live in DC and Boston! YAY)

4. Meet and receive mentoring from event planners and stylists and florists. (So excited about this!) Philly vendors, email me if you’d like to meet a chat paper or wedding day war stories!

Our apartment is about 1/2 a mile from my favorite view of the city! Ben Franklin Parkway…

and the Philadelphia Museum of Art! These were the only three photos I took all summer, can you believe? This girl’s got a new grown up camera this time, so expect plenty of inspiring pictures!


  1. You’ll have to come to DC to see Matt and I!!! We’d love to take you guys out to dinner.
    And… I have friends in Philly and NYC too, so I can give you some tips! This is very exciting!

  2. I would love that!! I’ll keep you posted on when we come!

  3. This is awesome! Mike and I are working towards a similar goal. I know you’ll have a great time in Philly (and NYC). Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

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