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May 18, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Tyler and I don’t live together and won’t until after the wedding, therefore, as far as home furnishings are concerned, we need approximately EVERYTHING. Dressers, tv, couches, dishes the list goes on. So this week when my grandpa said he was cleaning out a storage unit and had a few pieces we could have, I jumped at the chance to check it out! He had a great dresser that we decided would be just right for us painted cream. $32 worth of Lowe’s supplies later and we ALMOST have the perfect dresser. See pic of our progress. Seriously, if you read my tweets Friday afternoon, you know this is a pretty big accomplishment.

So why am I sharing our furniture steal on a wedding blog?? Once again, I learned a big lesson this week. I have several brides busy finishing up school or busy with full time jobs. I forget that on top of wedding planning they are also busy with something else: planning a marriage. It may be little things like taking a two-hour lunch break to pick up a pick up truck, pick up dresser in said pick up truck, drop off dresser, and return truck. It takes a lot to carve that time out of a busy work day. But it’s important.

But even more so, things like pre-marital counseling. Maybe you have to attend several sessions or a weekend retreat. Tyler and I have our first meeting next week. But first we were told to read “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” by Les and Leslie Parrott. Don’t let the fatalistic title scare you. I am only on the fourth chapter but already overwhelmed at the insight it offers. It helps couples begin marriage with realistic expectations and shows how to foster a marriage of passion, commitment and intimacy.

I strongly recommend brides and grooms take time during their engagement to focus on what this whole thing is for anyway. I think if we spent half as much time preparing our future lives together as we do the wedding day, we’d have some seriously healthy marriages. Otherwise, what does it matter if our save the dates were perfectly executed if we completely forget to talk about our expectations for after the wedding?

I have posted a few times about the blog Love, Milk and Honey. This blog is different from every other wedding blog, including mine. It focuses on preparing a bride for her big day AND beyond. Check it out if you haven’t yet. Lauren has info on everything from practical organizational tips to issues of the heart.

Wives, let us know your best tips for marriage and what you wish you had known before getting married!!

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