Sante Fe Nights

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I am back!! Took a much needed break the last few days. Thanks so much for all the twitter encouragement. On to some lovely inspiration…

I saw this amazing picture (#1) the other day and was inspired to create an inspiration board around it. Once again, not traditional colors I would pick but I am LOVING this desert feel. Enjoy!!


1. Agent Bauer 2. Melissa Schollaert via Green Wedding Shoes 3. Green Wedding Shoes 4. Wedding Nouveau 5. Once Wed 6. Modern Wedding 7. This is Glamourous

101 Days & The Day After

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Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

We are 101 days away from the big day. Tyler and I have been thinking more about life after the wedding this week than the actual wedding. (Which I highly recommend to all couples!)

Saturday we went apartment hunting for the third time and finally found THE ONE! While we toured the facility Tyler whispered to me,

“If that pond is stocked with fish, I wanna live here.” About half a second later, the girl said “And the pond is stocked with bass, brim…”

After we looked at the apartment, Tyler and I hopped back on the back of the golf cart and he just kept looking at me. I said “What?” He just kept looking and got in the car and said “I really wanna live there!”

We could paint the walls so I was more than happy, location is perfect and price was right and I was just excited that he was excited. Girls, I am guessing other guys are like Tyler and don’t exactly jump at the chance to spend their day off schlepping around apartment complexes.

Besides planning a wedding, the engagement period is a time to ease into joint decision making. What color tux will the guys wear turns into where will will come home to every day? Who’s gonna do the dishes? How much will we save each month?

As we make more and more decisions about our future together and now seeing where our first home together will be, this week I’m thinking more about the day after  (while still trying to tackle my wedding to-do list!)

In our culture, I don’t think enough emphasis is always placed on preparing us for the day after. Here are a few tips:

1. Right when Tyler and I got engaged we tried to figure out our budget. We’re not math nerds, we just both own our own businesses and haven’t had to worry about a steady income. We decided how much we would each bring in and then created a budget for our monthly expenses. Then we made a decision that will help start us off on the right foot. We created a joint account and decided that every month until the wedding we would each put away $250 a month into it. This means by the time we’re married, we will have an EXTRA $3,000 in the bank.

2. Figure out your wedding expenses realistically. If you are paying for your own wedding, it is so important to start your marriage off in the black. I have brides all the time tell me how much they can spend on their wedding. If it’s super high, I don’t say “Let’s head to Vera Wang!” I tell them I think they can do it for less. I’m going to get on my soapbox for a second: Wedding planners have the rep of being a big expense that brides think they can do without. The question is “Why would you want to?” If a wedding planner is really good at their job, they can save you the amount of money you paid to have them WHILE saving you time AND stress. I meet people all the time who I may share a tip or trick we’re using to save money for a current wedding and they always say they could have saved a ton of money if they had known that. Stepping off my soapbox. : )

Brides and grooms, even if your parents are paying for the wedding, you still have things you’re responsible for: the honeymoon, bridal party gifts, etc. I have been in 5 weddings and know that although it is always an honor, it is still a commitment and sometime sacrifice to be a part of it. I wanted to make sure I planned ahead for their gifts so I could spend a good amount on them.

3. Fill your new home. I mentioned in an earlier post, that Tyler and I need pretty much every piece of furniture imaginable. So what did we do? Created a list and budget. Knowing how much we want to spend keeps me from perusing the West Elm and Pottery Barn catalogs for a sofa.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Ladies, let us know your tips!

Sunshine & Lilacs

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Today’s inspiration board palette was actually inspired by an outfit I wore to church a few weeks ago: gray dress, pale purple cardigan and yellow bracelets. It’s a soft summery combo that makes me want to sip lemonade and run through fields. Enjoy!!


1. J. Crew 2. Eco Vintage Weddings 3. This is Glamourous 4. Alice Gabb via Snippet&Ink 5. Camille Styles

Featured On & Gratitude

June 10, 2010  |  Southern Fete News  |  3 Comments

It has been such an exciting week for Southern Fete!


We were honored to have a recent photo shoot we participated in to be featured on one of my very favorite wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes!! Here is just a small taste! See more images and vendor links here and here.

A little background on the shoot. Courtney Dellafiora, one of my favorite photographers asked if I could help style a shoot concept she had in mind. I immediately jumped on board. Courtney is amazing photographer. She has a passion for her work and clients which I think is so inspiring in this business AND she just happens to have an amazing sense of style and vision. So when we started, Courtney sent me a few pictures of things that had inspired her to do the shoot as well as some pieces to base the concept on (the scarfs and accessories!) The vision took off from there! The team we had was utterly amazing to work with. Heather, owner of Social Bites of Ruston, (who also created these amazing cakes) outdid herself with a dessert feast of mini pies, cookies, banana pudding shooters and more! Courtney Davis seriously gave our models a magazine worthy look. I was so impressed with the versatility in looks she created! And Katie and David our sweet engaged couple! Y’all were amazing and should probably consider modeling full-time!  ; )


Also this week, Renae of Red Parentheses (a great new stationery blog!) asked if I would guest post and share about the inspiration behind our 2010 collection. Check out the post here.


I was so honored when I found this blog post by Angela at Witty and in Love! I remember the wedding planners I looked up to when I started and it’s been very humbling to know I have inspired newcomers since then. Thank You Angela!


Kristin of Bonafide Bride is a fellow wedding planner and bride-to-be!! She featured out Polaroid Collection here!


I have to say the past few weeks have been completely overwhelming (in a good way)! My inbox has been flooded with messages from hopeful wedding planners looking for advice and thanking me for inspiration, brides wanting to order everything from invitations and business cards designs to bouquets. I tweeted last week that it is so easy for us business owners to always be looking at where we want to be in this industry but I stopped and just thanked God for where I am right now. Two years ago this was what I worked so hard to reach. I don’t take any of it for granted and I am forever greatful for everyone of you who has been apart of this journey. Thank You Thank You Thank You!

: )

My Google Reader: 06.09

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Today’s inspiration post is short and sweet because I’ll be out of the office this morning…going pick up my very own big white dress from Baton Rouge! Enjoy!!


Junebug Weddings


Elizabeth Anne Designs


The Bride’s Cafe

Should I Save the Date??

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As an invitation designer and wedding planner, I get asked a lot about who needs to send Save the Dates. My answer is always the same: if you are having a destination wedding or on a holiday weekend send them. If not, don’t worry about them. If you are having a destination wedding guest may want to plan their vacation time around it or book hotels early. If it’s around a holiday, your guest will need to know soon so they don’t plan their vacation then if their planning on attending.

If you’ve got room in your budget for them though send away. I have to admit, although I don’t think their practical, I do love designing them and getting them! So when it came to my own wedding I knew people would be anticipating lots of paper goods (including Save the Dates) because I sort of do this for a living.

Let me be honest, sending them out was definitely headache and stressful. First of all, we got engaged six months before the wedding. Yep, that IS when Save the Dates should go out. Every week, I’d tell myself “they HAVE to go out this week!” We had a few “complications” but the biggest was that it wasn’t a top priority. Then there’s that whole gathering addresses, and actually addressing and stuffing. I didn’t realize how much work goes into them after I hand a pretty little package of invitations to a bride. I was so glad when those little beauties finally tumbled into the mail bin. Here they are:

Now that they have all reached their rightful owner, I am so glad we sent out Save the Dates. I have gotten tons of text messages and calls about how much our guest love them and are excited for the big day.

But I do have some tips for brides thinking about doing save the dates.

1. Save yourself time and a headache by hiring a designer so that you can get them in a pretty little package all done for you. When I started this business, it took months to find the perfect paper, printer, everything. I have a lot of respect for those who tackle DIY invitations or save the dates. I don’t think I’d have the patience for it.

2. Hire a calligrapher if you can. My clients who do are so thankful they did when they see the envelopes addressed all pretty like.

3. If you can’t hire a calligrapher, make a fun night of it with your bridesmaids and finish the process together.

Some of my fave calligraphers:

1. Primele

2. Calligraphy by Jennifer

3. Emilie Friday

I’d love to make your Save the Date process easier too! Mention this post and Southern Fete Creative will offer 10% of all Save the Date orders through June 15!