The Bridals

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Now that our wedding has been featured on Green Wedding Shoes (yay!!), I want to share with y’all the details and tell y’all about my amazing vendors! I’ll start next week with the actual wedding day but for this week we’ll cover bridals and the rehearsal dinner.

First up, bridals! I had Mark Eric and his wife Heather shoot me on one of the hottest days of August at Acadian Village. Now normally I’m the first person to tell brides “Don’t shoot bridals in the summer! You will be miserable.” For me, it was unavoidable. I think God gives some sort of grace to brides in big poofy dresses in 90 degree weather because I barely noticed the heat. And I’m normally the type of girl who gets frizzy and red-faced. I also had a nice team of mom and sister fanning me with a reflector. Mark and Heather did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable and posing me in ways, I of course thought sounded ridiculous but turned out amazing! I normally hate pictures of myself but had my email filled with photos I honestly couldn’t believe were me. (More bragging on Mark come wedding day post.) Ok one other thing, Mark and Heather were so much FUN. If you see me laughing in these pictures it’s because I genuinely had a fun time. Feeling comfortable like that is so important to think about when hiring a photographer.

Sara, one of my very first brides, styled my hair. I always swore I would wear it down for my wedding day, but knew my long hair would overwhelm my dress and hide my one-strap. I was so pleased with the soft, natural way she did it. I was literally able to pull out the bobby pins mid shoot (no mirror, people) and have a whole new look.

Angelle, from Salon Indigo did my makeup. Again, so pleased with the result. There is a fine line between not enough makeup and too much and she found it! I normally don’t wear a ton of makeup so I definitely knew a ton of makeup could make me look and feel like a clown or fake. But I felt so natural AND beautiful!

I would HIGHLY recommend all three of these vendors! Ready for the photos??

My parents were married at this chapel 29 years ago! 

A somewhat Deep South tradition. Take a picture with an item that represents the groom’s cake. IE If a groom is having an LSU cake, take a picture in your bridal gown with LSU hat or jersey, etc. This was one photo that was placed on the groom’s cake table. 

Mark spotted an abandoned carwash with a nice field  behind.


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It’s been a bit of a whirlwind the last month or two but I wanted to mention a few places our work has popped up in the wedding world. I’m beyond greatful to this magazine and these blogs for including us!

Our Grace Suite was featured on Elizabeth Ann Designs as part of a photo shoot designed by Favor Events and shot by Ben Vigil.

Our Taffy Suite was featured on Weddings Unveiled Blog as part of Caroline and Dan’s wedding.

I was quoted by one of my favorite bridal magazines, Southern Weddings. (Congrats on the new site ladies!)

And, I am so excited to finally share it with you: Tyler and I’s wedding day featured on Green Wedding Shoes! Click here to check out the post and come back next week. I’m going to have a week of posts featuring more photos and talking about our vendors.

The Southern Life Collection

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It’s the night before you’ll read this at 10:38 and I’m just now sitting down to write this post…and finish loading pictures of the collection on the website. I am beyond exhausted and unfortunately no where near simplified or enjoying life’s little pleasures. As I mentioned Monday, I created the Southern Life Collection with a purpose: to encourage others AND myself to live simply and enjoying real life without being distracted by all the stuff. If you are anything like me, it’s still very much a work in progress! : )

So on with it!

We had the wonderful Trent Bailey, a native of South Louisiana now in New York, shoot our collection. You saw the inspiration, now see our collection and shoot: Sherlock Holmes-inspired!

Our everyday notecards: Thank You!, Hello There, Happy Birthday and Thinking of You. All come with kraft envelopes!

Our perpetual calendar to keep track of birthdays and if you’re a wedding planner like me, to keep track of past couple’s wedding dates to send anniversary cards.

Plan your meals for the week, your grocery list and your to-do with our memo pads.

The Gift Set combines our everyday stationery with calling cards and gift tags. The linen box makes me smile!

We’ve got a quote from Julia Child to get you inspired in the kitchen. Our acrylic recipe box comes with 50 recipe cards.


Our 2011 calendar!! Each month has a silhouette along with a quote about one of life’s little pleasures. We have it available in color and kraft!

Check out the collection here to see close ups and get details and pricing on Southern Life.

Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite item is in the new collection! We’ll pick one winner at random from the comments to receive our 2011 calendar!

Announcing: Southern Life

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I have always been the career-oriented type of woman. When I was younger, I dreamed of blackberries and power suits and working as editor for a major magazine in New York City.

A little and a lot has changed since then. I had an internship at a Philadelphia style magazine and quickly realized I wasn’t quite so passionate about moisturizers, the hottest clubs or the word “nosh.”  But I still strive to be an amazing business woman and to continue to grow my passion, Southern Fete. I found in life, though, you can have more than one passion. My newest? Being a great wife.

Hmmm. And I thought I was busy enough!

I want to pay bills on time, not forget what I need as soon as I get to the grocery store, I want to make food from scratch and keep my family healthy. I want to remember peoples birthdays. I want to send out cards that just make people feel good. And if I’m totally honest, I want it ALL to look pretty too. And if you’re like me, a new cute notebook or pen ALWAYS inspires me to get organized.

So being a designer, I of course realized I could create exactly what I was looking for and could potentially do the same for other ladies. The result, our new everyday collection, SOUTHERN LIFE.

This collection is for every new wife or new wife at heart. AND every single lady conquering her dreams. Life can be simpler. We may not be able to “do it all” but we can still cover a lot of ground if we get organized and leave more time for what’s important.

I have been utterly inspired by Jess Constable from the blog Make My Life Under. It’s reminded me that sometimes stuff just clutters up our world and keeps us from achieving what we want: healthy relationships, financial freedom, dream jobs…

Will our Weekly Meal memo pad shake your world upside down and make all your dreams come true? Doubtful. But it may cut down on last minute grocery trips for unplanned meals or that afternoon dilemma thinking “what’s for dinner??”

When I started working on the designs for the calendar, I wrestled with trying to make it “fit in” with all the designs I was used to seeing. I came up with several half complete designs because it just wasn’t me. The calendar that you will see fully designed is completely me. It was from a response to encourage myself to live a positive life, focused on the important things. It’s my hope you’ll be inspired to live simply and enjoy life’s little pleasures, too!

Like I’ve said before, I had two goals in mind when developing this collection: 1. create products that could enhance my life both by making it simple and bringing positivity into my life 2. make it something I’d want to use. Sorry a composition notebook ain’t gonna cut it.

A phrase came to mind “Elementary my Dear Watson.” And soon enough my inspiration was born! Fully inspired by Sherlock Holmes: It’s old world London. It’s practical, it’s simple, all with a lady-like twist. Here our a few photos that inspired the collection! Check back on Wednesday when we unveil SOUTHERN LIFE!

Cabin Fever

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This fall I have been craving that mountain air and and cozy cabin fires. Today’s inspiration is just that: warm and cozy with reds, browns and shades of orange. Give a twist to this traditional fall palette by incorporating different textures (i.e. fur, tortoise shell, tweed or kraft paper). Enjoy!!


1. Eva Lindh 2. Brookman Harris 3. Agent Bauer 4. Snippet & Ink 5. What Kate Ate


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Lately, I’ve been hit with this topic a few times.

I was with Jason Cohen on a shoot for a bride we are both working with. On the way to her bridals, he asked me if my audience knew the value of hiring me. I honestly wasn’t sure what to say. I hoped they did, but knew I probably didn’t do the best job of sharing that because I absolutely HATE selling myself.

This week I got to meet photographer and new friend Cat Guidry. She asked me what all I did for brides and I told her EVERYTHING. Maybe I was able to share more because I knew she wasn’t “buying” so I wasn’t “selling.” We just talked.

I realized our services have immense value to brides planning their wedding in this day in age. AND so much more than when I was a wee little wedding planner just starting out. Here’s what I realized:

Our services are worth the time it saves the bride communicating with vendors.

The time it saves a bride coming up with creative concepts.

The money it saves a bride with the discounts we receive and tips we offer to save money.

The resources it saves a bride when we have those here at our office already.

The time it saves a bride executing those projects.

The stress it saves the mom and friends on the wedding day.

The energy it saves to research etiquette, rules, marriage license requirements, etc.

The fights it saves between mother and daughter and between bride and groom.

And what do I personally offer?

My brides become like friends. They value my opinion. They appreciate my listening ear. And they enjoy sharing in this process from someone who can relate to them.

Attentiveness to our clients – On weddings days, me and my assistant (my lovely sister Natalie) make sure the bride and groom, the parent’s of the bride and parent’s of the groom and many times grandparents too, are taken care of. Last time that meant Natalie getting flipflops out of the grandmother’s car and literally taking her heels off her feet for her. (She got a raise after that by the way). We don’t stand around and chit chat once the bulk of the job is done. We grab the groom’s coat as he takes it off and looks for a place to put it. We bring water to a thirsty bride. We know how to cut cake if your facility doesn’t provide someone to do it or create a bouquet in a snap.

An office to meet in that brides feel comfortable in. One actually told me “I just want to sit in here all day. It’s so peaceful.”

An editor – For your newspaper announcements. (Using that journalism degree!)

A designer for all your paper products.

A calm demeanor in the face of conflict – I stand up for my brides in a respectful way.

A new online system that keeps bride’s organized and give them tips on wedding related events and beyond my scope of service like showers, rehearsal dinners and more.

Great vendor relationships – (Read “plays well with others.” ) One of the compliments I most love to hear from vendors is that we don’t try to tell them what to do like they may have seen in the past. We work WITH them.

Two years ago, I was just starting out and naive about my talents. I’d offer large discounts because who was I to be charging a bride so much? I wanted to help them stay under budget, didn’t I?

Now two years later, my goal is still the same. I’ve just spent the last two years perfecting that craft to offer brides even more! ; ) I’m of course not perfect. My learning is by no means done. That’s because there is one thing I think is the most valuable trait you can possess: a teachable spirit!