Grandma’s House

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I met the sweetest mother of the groom last weekend. She is from England and came to Louisiana to visit and meet the families. I was so captivated by her accent. It made me think how much I’d love to visit England, in particular an old English grandmother. It’s crazy where inspiration comes from! But here it is… Enjoy!

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Work has been crazy busy the last few months and unfortunately one of the first things that tends to get cut is inspiration boards. Oh how I’ve missed making them! This week, we will have a new inspiration board Monday-Friday.

Before I talk about today’s board, I did want to announce tomorrow’s bridal show at City Club at River Ranch. I’m really excited about this bridal show. I’ve done other big box shows in the past and they can be a bit chaotic: 300 brides, 100 booths, all in search a freebies or big discounts. This show is a bit different (still with freebies and discounts though : ). City Club selected a group of 30 or 40 vendors that they personally work with/recommend. Among them are many vendors I recommend to my own clients for flowers, cake, photography, rentals, tuxes, invitations : ). We’ve got a fun display that I’m excited about sharing. Come stop by our booth. We will have information on Event Packages, Invitations, Rental Items, Fete Connection and even our Southern Life items for the soon to be Mrs! Details below!

On to today’s board…

I was in the mood for something a bit sunny but out of the ordinary for me. I’m not a huge red person but love this tomato shade with this wheat color. It’s warm and inviting and super cheery! Enjoy!!

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Introducing: Fete Connection

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Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of Fete Connection!

I’ve been planning for a while now (since Dec 21,2009 to be exact!) to host a workshop for area brides. It’s been only in the last week that the final puzzle pieces came together.

My ultimate goal was to create a workshop that would give all brides (like those who never dreamed of being able to include a wedding planner in their budget or those that just prefer to be more hands on) the tools needed to plan a successful wedding. Most brides have never planned a wedding. That’s obvious. So why should they be expected to know how to navigate the process?

Here were my objectives:

1. Walk brides through creating a timeline for their engagement, creating a budget and even giving brides an estimate of what I think their wedding would cost based on what they tell me their looking for. (I think this fact is key in creating a realistic budget and sticking with it.)

2. Give brides tips to save money, whether it be showing them things they can cut, budget-friendly alternatives or places they can go for discounts. You may have seen me tweet last week that a bride who came in for an hourly consultation (a value of $50) left with over $1,500 cut from her wedding cost based on a few suggestions I made.

3. How to work well with vendors. Trusting the people you are entrusting with your big day is key. You need to foster these relationships well for the day to succeed. I’ll show you how to get the most out of these relationships.

4. A list of my personally trusted vendor referrels based on your needs and budget. As mentioned in #3, the right vendors can MAKE your wedding day! I’ve coordinated over 25 weddings. Find out which vendors I trust.

5. Inspiration and Ideas. Most brides today see tons of inspiration. My job is to help pull it together into a cohesive vision. I will be giving tips based on your individual inspiration on how to do this.

6. Q&A Portion. Just want to pick the brain of a wedding planner? Here’s your chance!

After crafting together the material for this workshop, I am so confidant and excited in the value this holds for brides. To have the opportunity to help wedding days, no matter what the budget or my own restraints for bookings, is something I’m very excited about.


Here’s the catch! I don’t just want it to end after our 4-hour session. Though I’ve been dreaming of this workshop for over a year, I wasn’t satisfied with just hosting a one-time seminar for a group of 20 or so brides.

The final piece of the puzzle? Connect brides.

This workshop will take a unique form that I honestly haven’t seen done before but I believe has amazing potential. Each session will be with a group of 3-6 brides in a comfortable atmosphere to foster relationships beyond the session. The sessions will be grouped based on wedding date, budget and style and take place on Saturdays (specific date to be determined by group).

Ladies, the brides you will share that time with will be in the same boat you’re in! And my hope is that even after the session, a support system can be created based on this shared circumstance of planning a wedding. Whether it’s calling each other to see how they handled a certain issue, getting a vendor reference or even sharing decor items (AKA split cost : ). There are groups for those that want to run a marathon, learn French, read classic literature but (from what I can see) none that support ladies through one of the biggest days of their life. My goal is to provide that through Fete Connection!

As you can tell, I’m pretty passionate about this, judging from the book I just wrote. I can’t wait to start this journey!

Ladies in the Acadiana area, if you are interested in attending a session, email me at valerie {@} The workshop is $200 but the first 10 brides to sign up will receive a discounted rate of $175.

Need mercury? Or birch bark?

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Since my wedding, I have grown quite a collection of inventory. I would love to get some use out of it instead of keeping it boxed up in a closet. If you live in the Acadiana area and are looking for a similar style but not crazy about the price of buying brand new, email about our rental items at! Below are pictures of most of the items along with pricing. Enjoy!

Photos by Jason Cohen and Mark Eric. Shepherds hook photo by Courtney Dellafiora.

Snowed In

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Don’t hate me but I am still totally enjoying winter. Granted, we don’t get snow down in South Louisiana but a few flurries every year or two. Picture #1 has me wanting to be snowed in! It’s a new twist on red and green winter combo: Mint, Birch and Peony. Enjoy!!

1. Birch and Bird 2. Snippet & Ink 3. Style Me Pretty 4. Green Wedding Shoes

Southern Life Gift Set

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We’ll be back with several posts next week but I just wanted to put up a few images from our Southern Life Collection before we head out for our wedding rehearsal for this weekend. Our bride Brandy (wedding pics coming soon!) gave them to her mom, new mother-in-law andsister at the wedding rehearsal and had one made for herself with her new last name on the calling cards! Cat Guidry, their wedding photographer was kind enough to snap a few of the gifts! Enjoy!!