City Club Bridal Show

February 16, 2011  |  Southern Fete News  |  1 Comment

I’m off for the next few days but before I go, I wanted to share a bit about the bridal show we did last week! The turnout was absolutely amazing for the first held at City Club.

Much thanks to Cat Guidry for sharing these images with me!

Our booth was a bit of an overload. We’ve added several new offerings so we had so much to share with brides and a short time to do so with each!

Our Stationery strung on a set of old vintage doors, a few items from our Southern Life that we thought were great for the new wife or for bridesmaids gifts, wedding books of our Event Planning, florals and decor featuring our Rentals, Info on our new bridal workshop Fete Connection and corkboard filled with inspiration boards from The Wedding Shoebox.

I could not do my job without Natalie! She is literally my double when I can’t be everywhere at once!

Love these people! Hannah Trahan, the private events coordinator at City Club and host for the bridal show, photographer Cat Guidry, Natalie and photographer Jason Cohen

Kamryn + Daniel: 10.23.10

February 15, 2011  |  Southern Fete News  |  4 Comments

I was so blessed to be a part of Kamryn and Daniel’s wedding. We began working on the wedding over a year before so I got to know them well. But we found out we actually played together when we were toddlers!

At the rehearsal dinner, Kamryn gave me the sweetest note I just have to share.


Where do I even start? First of all thank you so much for going on this magical journey along side of us. There is no way we could have put this thing together without you. You created beautiful ideas out of my scattered thoughts and gracefully handled every stressful situation. I know you did a lot of above and beyond for us and i thank you so much. That’s a little part of what makes you so good at what you do. You look out for your brides no matter what and go to great lengths for them. Your incredible patience and drive have kept me sane over the past year. Thank you so much for the incredible job you have done and the friend you have become.

Love, Kamryn

Below are some photos from the big day from my good friend Jason Cohen. Video by BrideFilm here!

Kamryn, I am so thankful to be a part of your big day and honored to get to share such a special process with you!

Cupid Draw Back Your Bow…

February 13, 2011  |  Uncategorized  |  No Comments

It’s Valentine’s Day! or as me and Tyler like to call it Val & Ty’s Day (cheesy I know).  I saw this adorable shoot on Green Wedding Shoes recently and thought it was absolutely dreamy! Ladies, have a wonderful day. Remember to tell your fiance, husband, boyfriend just how much they mean to you!

Dreams Made of Sicles

February 10, 2011  |  Color Me Inspired  |  1 Comment

Dreamsicles! Dreamy shades of peaches, oranges, pinks and golds. It’s a play on all those girly colors without being too literal. Enjoy!!

1. Style Me Pretty 2. & 4. Spokane Bride 3. Unknown 5. My Sweet and Saucy

Roses are Rose…

February 9, 2011  |  Color Me Inspired  |  No Comments

And violets are violet! We’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day. And this year, I’m loving a deep violet and rosy pink. It’s soft and subtly romantic. Enjoy!!

1. Once Wed 2. See Saw 3. Pinterest 4. Inspired by This

Grandma’s House

February 8, 2011  |  Color Me Inspired  |  No Comments

I met the sweetest mother of the groom last weekend. She is from England and came to Louisiana to visit and meet the families. I was so captivated by her accent. It made me think how much I’d love to visit England, in particular an old English grandmother. It’s crazy where inspiration comes from! But here it is… Enjoy!

1. We Heart It 2. Ritzy Bee 3. Etsy 4. Jordan Ferney 5. Newov via Green Wedding Shoes