Fall Wedding Season

October 17, 2011  |  Southern Fete News  |  No Comments

It’s officially upon us! After a three month hiatus (AKA months when it’s too darn hot to marry in South Louisiana) from wedding days, not planning of course, we’re back and thrilled to be so!

We had our first wedding of fall Saturday night and it felt so great to be back! I’m pretty sure Nan thought I was hopped up on something because the whole ride to the venue, I kept saying, “I’m so excited, I’m so excited!” (Thank You Lord for giving me a job I love so much and fits just right for me!)

We’ve got 4-5 weddings and bridal shower coming up in the next two months that will be keeping me busy and on my toes. I can’t wait to share engagements, bridals and wedding photos with y’all soon!

As our weekend calendars fill up, we will be closed on Mondays from now until Thanksgiving.

Credit: The perfect fall day. A Southern girl can dream, right??

Everything that Glitters…

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It’s fall! I’ve got a fun color palette today of rich golds and navy.

Credits: 1. Agent Bauer 2. Unknown 3. Somewhere Splendid 4. Source
Be Inspired

Be Inspired

October 6, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  3 Comments

Last night, I hopped on twitter to see all new tweets mentioning and mourning the loss of Steve Jobs. I sat there shocked as I told Tyler. I actually teared up. I’ve never met him, nor could I even spot him in a crowd of people. But something inside me made me wonder how many great things he had left to accomplish that the world will never know or, honestly, if we’d ever have someone who would shape our technology as much ever again. It seemed like a finite end.

The answer? All of us have the potential. It’s already in us. We just have to harness it.

Instead of simply mourning the loss of someone who has revolutionized the way be do so many things, I hope we can find inspiration in it. Steve Jobs wasn’t superhuman, just human. But he was filled with a passion and desire to do what he did as well as the drive to actually make it happen.

If one person can have such an impact, how big would the impact of six billion+ people be?? No excuses, people. We are all capable. Saw this tweeted today.

“Steve Jobs was born out of wedlock, put up for adoption at birth, dropped out of college, then changed the world. What’s your excuse?”

Photo: From our Philly trip. I was fascinated by all our Apple products in use even on the road. 3 of Tyler and I’s 7 Apple devices.

Southern Life Collection!

October 2, 2011  |  Southern Fete News  |  4 Comments

Yay! It’s finally here! I’m so excited to share this year’s everyday collection.

You know what’s great about the everyday collection? I literally use it EVERYDAY. As I sit here writing this, I’ve got my three memo pads from last year’s collection (I should upgrade soon, huh?) sitting next to me. Sunday afternoons are usually spent planning the weeks meals, making my grocery list for the week and my to dos for the week as well.

All of the products you see as part of the collection are inspired by a need I had. And I truly hope you will be able to benefit from them too! This idea actually inspired the shoot. You’ll see me at my desk and in the kitchen using these products. As I mentioned Thursday, our 2012 calendar is all about living in the moment. Read here for more on all the inspiration.

On to the photos already, huh? First up, I want to give a HUGE thanks to Catherine Guidry for capturing everything so perfectly! She’s actually a wedding photographer but has recently developed a talent/passion for commercial work as well. What’s special about Cat is that she will take the time and treat your products or shoot as if it was her own. KitCat, thanks again for everything you do!!

And we wouldn’t celebrate without a giveaway! We’ll select one winner to receive the 2012 calendar. How to enter?  – Tweet about the launch, mention us on facebook or feature Southern Life on your blog!

To see the designs in detail or place an order, go here or  here!

ENJOY!!  : )

A few behind the scenes!

If you know me, this was downright awkward. ; )

Cat also got a few shots of me and Natalie. If you’ve read the blog long or been to one of the weddings I coordinate, you know what a vital part to the wedding day she is!

All of our sites got a little facelift as well! Check them out here: EVENTS | INVITATIONS.

Getting Answers

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Brides, I’ve been doing a bunch of hourly consults this month and it reminded me what a valuable resource one hour with a wedding planner can be.

You may not have a budget for full service or  day-of, but would love a little guidance. This is a great option. I’ve had brides walk away feeling relief just to know they were headed in the right direction and even trim a thousand or two from their budget.

Southern Fete has no minimum requirements and can skype, phone or email with out-of-town brides.  Feel free to pick my brain for an hour about that nagging question you’ve been trying to figure out or that page of questions you had. The more brides that can benefit from my learning experience and mistakes, the better! ; )

To get the most of our sessions, I urge brides to put together every question they come across for a week or so we can make the most of our time together. And when we meet, we’ll dive right in!!


Almost Here

September 29, 2011  |  Southern Fete News  |  No Comments

I’m thrilled to share with you on Monday our everyday collection of memo pads, stickies, calendar and more!

This August was about more than city hopping! My mission for the month was to create an everyday collection that was unique and purposeful. My inspiration began with the calendar. We’re constantly in a cycle of “I can’t till (insert marriage/babies/house/job).”  I wanted to create a calendar that reminded us of what’s special about this very moment and season.

While touring the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I found the print that I had fallen in love with my first summer in Philly, Pomegranate by William Morris. It served as the inspiration for the rest of the collection, along with one of the latest Anthropologie catalogs.

It all reminded me of grandmother’s vintage style and a simpler time.

Check back Monday for the launch of the 2012 Southern Life Collection along with a fun photo shoot with Catherine Guidry!