The Richardsons :: Jena and Brandon

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We feel a particular bond with the winding back roads and bayous of South Louisiana, especially Charenton. Southern Fete was lucky enough to go back to this small, sleepy town to witness Jena & Brandon profess their love for each other in the most unique way.

Mother Nature always has another plan for us, but this time the rain plan outshined the original plan and Jena & Brandon’s tented reception was purely magical. The grey skies added to the rich colors of the surroundings and it was all captured perfectly by Erin & Geoffrey Photography.

Special touches make a wedding and really show guests how much the couple (and their families) love one another. This wedding was chock full of special details: custom vows, an uncle officiant, family property & oak trees (swoon), cake stands from a grandmother, a tree remembering those lost, a custom painting of the couple by the bride, custom calligraphed escort cards, the bride’s henna, cakes and treats made from the family bakery….the list goes on.

Check this day out… it’s one for the history books!

Southern Fete, Southern wedding, ceremony program


Southern Fete, Southern wedding,


Southern Fete, Southern wedding, bride, veil, wedding veil




Southern Fete, Southern wedding, bride and groom













Jena & Brandon – thank you for showing us what lasting love feels and looks like. You reminded me that two people can be individuals and one person all at once, and that is truly special. I’ll never forget your sweet smiles for each other and your family’s deep love for the two of you. Charenton has proved that good friends come out of the most off the map places…I think I took a few friends from your converted barn and I’m convinced those friendships will most certainly last. Cheers to my people!


Band :: BluePrint

Cakes & Sweets :: Guidry’s Cake Shop

Photographer :: Erin & Geoffrey Photography

Live Painter :: Art by Christopher Turner

Florist :: Root Floral Design

Caterer :: Sam Trahan

Rentals :: Party Central

Videographer :: 63 Films

Calligraphy & Signage :: St. Blanc Calligraphy

Invitations :: Inkling Design Studio

The Eldridges :: Kristin and Joe

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Have you ever felt love when you walked into a room? We have! Kristin and Joe’s winter wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale. This genuine couple’s first look warmed our hearts as they shared emotional letters full of excitement. Their grateful spirits shine through their relationship, and are reflected by their family and friends.

Festive socks, holly berries and Christmas trees filled the venue creating the perfect start to the holidays! See for yourself in these gorgeous photos by Hannah Mulligan Photography!

wedding (39 of 909)

These ladies were filled happiness for Kristin’s big day!


wedding (61 of 909)

Nothing compares to a mother’s love!


wedding (153 of 909)


wedding (242 of 909)


wedding (253 of 909)


wedding (283 of 909)


wedding (455 of 909)


wedding (654 of 909)

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge!

wedding (664 of 909)


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Kristin and Joe – I could not be more excited that I was able to be a part of your big day! You were always so sweet and thoughtful. We enjoyed every minute of your day and wish you a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your celebration!


The Paynes :: Meghan and Doug

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There are some weddings that have me smitten from the very beginning. Meghan and Doug’s was certainly one of them. I remember my first meeting with Meghan lasted at least two hours. We hit it off from the beginning and it was an added bonus that their reception was to be at one of my favorite locations of all time (it’s no secret!)

Over the next several months, Meghan and I worked on bringing her winter mix of modern and vintage glam to life. There wasn’t one thing they missed, and I couldn’t wait to see it come to life.

As her usual, Mother Nature forced us into partial rain plan, but to me it made everything just a little bit more magical. There was no rain until an hour after Mr. and Mrs. Payne rode away – with Santa as their chauffeur – in the most adorable vintage Fiat.

There’s so much more I could say, but I’ll let the photos do the rest.

Southern Fete, Southern wedding, groom and ring bearers

Southern Fete, Southern wedding, bride and bridesmaids, winter wedding, red bridesmaids dress

Southern Fete, Southern wedding, caricature artist
Southern Fete, Southern wedding, bridal party, bride and groom, winter wedding, red bridesmaids dresses

Southern Fete, Southern wedding, Root Floral Designs, Wedding centerpieces, tent wedding
Southern Fete, Southern wedding, root floral designs, wedding centerpieces, tent wedding

Southern Fete, Southern wedding, Christmas wedding, December Wedding, Winter wedding, Santa, bride and groom
Southern Fete, Southern wedding, stationery suite

Southern Fete, Southern wedding, red bridesmaid dresses

Southern Fete, Southern wedding, Christmas wedding, Winter wedding, Ornament favors

Southern Fete, Southern wedding, Winter wedding, bride and groom, first look

Meghan and Doug – Where to begin!?!?! While the photos are certainly magnificent, actually having been a physical part of your big day still gives me all the feels. Your love for one another is the most genuine and the love you share with your family and friends is equally amazing. You have become fast friends, and I hope you look back on your wedding for many years to come with the same excitement, giddiness, and anticipation as you did this December 12, 2015. Thank you for trusting us to make your day a reality – even if the tent trim had to be white 😉 – and always being open to new ideas. My only regret was not taking a spin in the Fiat myself – raincheck?


Photographer :: Hannah Mulligan Photography

Florist :: Root Floral Design

Caterer :: Chef Bobby and Dot

Cake :: Kathleen’s Short and Sweet

Oyster Bar :: Teak’s Sports Bar

Reception Venue :: Paul and Lulu Hilliard Art Museum

Event Rentals :: Party Central

The Beyts :: Aaron and Susan

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If you ever wondered what a small, intimate Southern wedding looks like, look no further. Susan and Aaron are about as far from “fussy” people as you’ll meet and were focused on their wedding reflecting that. With a private ceremony at the groom’s families’ house and a reception at Acadiana Center for the Arts, it turned out to be a perfect reflection of who these two are as a couple.

Here’s a few of my favorites ::

wedding (3 of 416)

wedding (15 of 416)

Susan’s art deco ring is one of the most different and beautiful rings I”ve ever seen!

wedding (18 of 416)

wedding (46 of 416)

wedding (48 of 416)

wedding (58 of 416)

wedding (61 of 416)

wedding (171 of 416)

Yes, that’s real. Every single layer. Pure deliciousness.

wedding (238 of 416)
Oh, and that’s all real too. Aaron’s love of grilling captured in one huge green egg.

wedding (180 of 416)

wedding (187 of 416)

wedding (196 of 416)

wedding (210 of 416)

wedding (244 of 416)

wedding (361 of 416)

Susan and Aaron – it was so fun getting to know you as a couple. You were always trusting and so easy to work with. We had an absolute blast at your wedding and hope you have a wealth of memories from that day. Thank you for including us!


Venue :: Acadiana Center for the Arts

Caterer :: Pamplona

Photographer :: Hannah Mulligan Photography

Florist :: Root Floral

Rentals :: Party Central

Cakes :: Sweet Southern Ladies

The Boudreauxs :: Michelle and Josh

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There’s so much I can say about this wedding. I remember the exact day Michelle called me about her wedding. It was March 13, 2015 and we were setting up for Mandy and John Albert’s wedding. I knew from the first time we talked that it was going to be spectacular, and that is certainly what it was.

By now, it’s no surprise I love an outdoor/tent wedding. And by love, I mean LOVE. We had to go to rain plan, and rain it did. The moment Fr. Sibley announced Michelle and Josh as Mr. and Mrs. the skies opened. And, they stayed opened until well after the reception ended.

The photos Hannah captured prove that the very best of memories can be made even when it storms your entire reception. This crowd wasn’t afraid of melting and instead grabbed another drink, rolled up their pants, and danced the night away. Here’s the proof!

wedding (3 of 263)

wedding (86 of 263)

wedding (100 of 263)

wedding (174 of 263)

wedding (234 of 263)

wedding (244 of 263)

wedding (261 of 263)

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wedding (311 of 59)

wedding (315 of 59)
wedding (321 of 59)

wedding (504 of 729)

wedding (546 of 729)

wedding (561 of 729)

Michelle and Josh – I am beyond thrilled to have been part of your big day. You embraced the rain and made the very most of it. You didn’t take one minute of your wedding day for granted, and we couldn’t have asked for anything else. You share such a sweet love for each other, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!


Photographer :: Hannah Mulligan Photography

Florist :: Root Floral Design

Hair and Makeup :: Beauty by Victoria

Caterer :: Sam Trahan

Church :: Our Lady of Wisdom

Reception :: UL Alumni Center

Cakes :: Crystal Weddings

The Guidrys :: Katie and Grant

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We kicked off 2016 with a bang! If there was only one word to describe Katie and Grant’s wedding day it would be “fun.” Their ceremony, taking place on a cold and blustery January day, was beautiful and their reception was so full of love. It was so evident that their guests loved them both so much and had the best time at their reception, or should I say, epic dance party. I’ve never seen some of the moves I saw on that dance floor that night, but then again with you have Phat Hat you’re guaranteed a good time.
These photos by Collin Richie speak for themselves, I think, as they perfectly capture all the joy, all the fun, and all the love of Katie and Grant’s special day!
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, wedding dress and bride
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Bride and mother
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Bridesmaids, Navy dresses, winter wedding
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bridesmaids bouquets, A cottage path florals
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bride and groom, wedding
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bride and groom, wedding, church wedding
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bridal party, wedding toast
Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Guidry!
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Groom singing
It’s always a sign of a good time when the groom takes the mic!
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, best man, groom dancing
Not entirely sure what is happening here, but it sure looks fun!
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bride and groom, sparkler sendoff
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bride and groom
Katie and Grant – You both have hearts of gold. Not only is there so much love between you both and your wedding guests, but also in the way you loved me. I’m so glad your day turned out just like it did and the memories you have of that day will keep you smiling for years to come. We wish you all of the best and that much more!
Photographer :: Collin Richie Photo
Venue :: Ruffino’s Catering at De La Ronde Hall
Band :: Phat Hat
Cake :: Ambrosia Bakery
Groom’s Cake :: Annie’s Pantry
Florist :: A Cottage Path
Videographer :: JCW Productions