How To :: A Perfect Wedding

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Each wedding I have done (47, I think!) is completely unique. I learn something new each time.

For Laura and Jason’s wedding a month ago, I saw in Laura what I always preach is the best way to achieve the perfect wedding day. I teared up a few times because I was so excited for them to experience it so fully.

The morning of the wedding, I texted Laura. It had been pouring all morning with more rain in the forecast for the day, something that could have totally discouraged her and pulled her mind away from her soon-to-be husband and the blessing of the day. Here was the response I got:

What Laura didn’t know, is that while some brides see it this way, others think of how their day is ruined because of the rain.

I can’t stress it enough, things will not go according to plan. And the more things you feel have to be a very specific way, only multiply the more reasons that could make you upset on your wedding day, if you let it.

I like to think that I’m in control on a wedding day and if I do my job perfectly, a couple will have the best day ever. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

A little tough love.

I can only do so much for you to have a happy day. It’s ultimately your own choice if you enjoy your wedding day. I’ve seen brides happy with the most understated wedding and brides completely distracted by the most minute things. It’s rare but it has happened and it’s difficult not to feel that it’s a reflection on the job I’ve done. I’ve had to realize, a person’s outlook is personal and I can’t “coordinate/plan it.”

The good news.

That is actually a VERY good thing!! It means you are in control of how you view the day, and no outside elements can mess that up!

It’s my hope that EVERY bride and groom will experience the utmost joy on their wedding day. Here’s some advice that I got to see in Laura that I believe helped make her day so special.

1. Keep your focus on the purpose of the day. All things will fall into place. You don’t want to remember that tiff you had with the groom or curse words you yelled at a vendor. You want to remember the smiles and laughs. Laura was sooo excited to marry Jason and showed that in so many ways. And it got me equally excited.

2. Trust your vendors. I’ve preached this before. Your vendors will perform incredibly better if they are confident they have your trust. Every single vendor of Laura’s came up to me and commented on what a wonderful bride she was and how truly HAPPY they were to do their best for her. It was incredibly eye-opening. They went above and beyond for her. Being surrounded by that atmosphere of mutual love, respect and trust made for an incredibly smooth day.

3. Love others selflessly. I watched Laura throughout the evening chat with lots of guests. She was so thoughtful asking them questions about what was going on in their world. If she hadn’t been wearing a white dress, her humble, sincere attitude could have easily hidden the fact that this day was just about her.

I wish I could tell you about all the things my bride’s have taught me. Sadie’s generous nature, Bria’s laid back attitude, Emma’s loving spirit. And so many more. Thank you, brides!! You have taught me not only about weddings but about life and I am forever grateful!

To those of you yet to get married, I wish you so much joy on your wedding day and hope these tips will help!! : )

I will leave you with a few photos of Laura and Jason by Dawn Earles. Dawn always does such a wonderful job and is amazing to work with!! Enjoy!

Engaged :: Jordan + Aaron

June 8, 2012  |  Southern Fete News  |  1 Comment

I’m excited to share with you Jordan and Aaron’s engagement photos today!

I’ve know Jordan since my journalism days at Louisiana Tech. I remember it all began when my sister had a class with her and told me I HAD to meet this girl because we had a lot of similarities (case in point, I totally have that skirt too, Jordan! ; ).  I remember loving her spirit and energy and was thrilled when she contacted me to help design her wedding. Their wedding is a fun mix of vintage with a few mod details that perfectly fit these two. A few months ago, I went up to Shreveport, where the wedding is taking place. We talked over lunch about how she knew Aaron was the one and it just got me so excited to be a part of everything. Aaron, I haven’t met you yet but I know you are an amazing guy and you make Jordan very happy!! : )

I was so thrilled when Jordan said she had booked Magnolia Pair for their photography! I LOVED their work for a long time. Here a few shots from their engagement session. Enjoy!!

Inspired :: Vol. I

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I mentioned yesterday I would be getting better at posting inspiration. I’m starting a new little series of things that inspired me. This week I sifted through my Google Reader and was so impressed with 100 Layer Cake blog’s recent content. They had so many ideas I have never seen before and I thought a few of them might inspire you ladies for your own wedding! Enjoy!!

The Future of Weddings

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Inspiration here has been pretty sparse lately. It’s hasn’t just been because of a busy season but because I’m having trouble deciding what to feature.

We’ve had eras of very distinctive trends (like rustic, modern, art deco, garden, even ballroom) and I’ve always been excited to see what the new trends are. And excited to share those things with you. I think the era of “trends” as a whole is almost dead. Simply put, we won’t have weddings that have every detail based around one theme.

This could totally just be my own interpretation or a point you reach after being surrounded by weddings long enough but I honestly think/hope the way we look at trends will change and what’s trendy may be “personalization” and not one theme like “vintage.” This doesn’t mean there won’t be vintage weddings but that they will be based on meaningful back stories and can include other elements as well.

As I follow blogs and inspiration, I’ve felt a major mental block to share anything because I don’t want to put crazy ideas on here for people to simply incorporate because it’s cool/trendy/pretty. I also think I felt the need to explain why I don’t put everything cool that I see.

Now that I’ve shared my thoughts, what has inspired me lately?

I personally think decor will shift from “everything but the kitchen sink” to clean and simple pieces that pack more punch. Things that have inspired me lately are these more simplistic and clean elements, whether it’s modern or vintage. Less stuff leaving room for what’s most important. THE PEOPLE. This obviously means the couple, but the friends and family as well.

Weddings have so much potential power.

1. Whether it’s showing people a deep and meaningful love between a couple that will last. (You have no idea who has lost all hope in true love, or may be thinking their own marriage is near over and find encouragement in witnessing your love story).

2. Others observing how many guests show an outpouring of love and support on a couple. (I’ve witnessed this with one of my couples in particular, Summar and Stewart, and it was such an inspiring day. It changed me and challenged me to love more selflessly. I had countless guest coming up to me and telling me why they loved Summar and Stewart. How amazing that a wedding can do that! It made me that much more excited to see these two people come together)

3. Families that come together, find a common ground. It’s amazing how two people can bring together two different types of people. For weddings, people put those differences aside to celebrate the love between the bride and groom. Seeing them mix and mingle is always fun and inspiring to watch!

I plan to post more inspiration with the hopes that it will inspire your own story!! Enjoy a few of my recent favorites!

1. Couple 2. Hedges 3. Aisle 4. Outdoor Space 5. Cake 6. Couple

Summer Series Prints!

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I’ve been wanting to do a series of prints for a while now but could never figure out what I wanted to say. Everything I thought of was so trite. A few days ago, I was thinking about what truth I wanted to surround myself with throughout the day. From that, so many ideas started flowing. The designs is clean and simple, more so than I usually go but I wanted the words to stand out!

My absolute favorite print is The Definition of a Lady print. If you know me, you know I’m not always so lady like. Sometimes I talk with my mouth full or sit indian style in a chair instead of like Kate Middleton. But that’s not the only things that make you lady like. I wrote my definition or code for the lady I wanted to be. These are traits I want to pursue. I hope they will inspire you too!!

These are limited edition prints (20 each) and will be available till the end of summer! Order here.

Without further ado! The Val Marie Paper Summer Series!!

Highlights :: May

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Another busy month!! Three weddings and lots of other events. Spring wedding season is officially over  so as things slow down, I’ll be working a ton on the Val Marie Paper’s new collection! Then we’ll kick back up for our fall season!! Here are a few highlights from May! I still can’t believe we’re already in June.