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January 17, 2012  |  Wedding Tips

I wanted to share my favorite iPad app that my sister recently introduced to me! It’s perfect for all you brides-to-be who just got engaged as well as everyone who’s still keeping those New Year’s Resolutions! : )

It’s called List! It’s simple but Natalie showed me a great way to utilize it. We’ve all made goals I’m sure for the New Year. I’ve broken down my goals into categories. I think doing this helps to cover all your bases when making goals. Mine below.

From there, under each category, I have GOALS, HABITS and TO DO. Goals are one time things that I’m striving to reach. Habits are things I want to incorporate into my daily life (i.e. drink a cup of green tea every morning). To Do is my list of things to help me reach both of these categories. (i.e. buy green tea).

This will work similar for brides. Instead of having, “social” or “financial” as lists, you can have each category for your wedding (i.e. cake, flowers, attire, etc.). GOALS will be your overall vision, what you’re hoping to do in each category. Instead of HABITS, you may have VENDORS along with notes of what you think of each as you meet with potential vendors. And TO DO for all those steps that will help you finalize each aspect of the wedding.

I hope this helps stay organized! What are your favorite organization apps?


  1. Hey Val! That seems like an awesome app! Do you happen to know if it’s available on the iPhone. I searched lists but it didnt show up so wasn’t sure if it was just an iPad app. Thanks!

  2. Hey! Click on the word List! in the post. It’s linked to the app in the store. They do have it for iPhone too!

  3. Hey Valerie – Thanks for this recommendation. I downloaded it to both my iPad and iPhone but do you know how to get them both to sync? I don’t want to have to enter things twice! 🙂

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