One Year Later

September 27, 2011  |  Southern Fete News, Wedding Tips

Tyler and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on Sunday. We went through our catalog of memories from this year that one of my best friends gave me. We took a photo a la pinterest, that we will take each year forever. We watched our wedding DVD, ate cake (I’ve only been waiting to do that for 6 months!) and got a little silly! We’ve had the one remaining can of silly string that was used for our exit sitting on our dressing this whole year. Tyler and I ended on anniversary playing outside in silly string! It was an amazing day celebrating our journey together so far.

I’ve felt for a while now that this world doesn’t do the best at showing how great marriage can be (more thoughts here). It truly has been the best year of my life. Better than buying a wedding dress or preparing for one of the biggest days of our lives. Better than even college (which I LOVED!).

We live life together. When I finish up a day doing work that I love, I’m excited to head home to the man that I love even more.

These past two weeks I had planned to blog every day. That hasn’t happened. This year I promised myself to learn better balance. You can’t have balance without remembering your priorities. And my marriage is one of my highest priorities. It has to be for it to, not just last, but to live up to the potential God created it to be.

Brides, you have an amazing life ahead. Don’t get too bogged down or stressed about working on the details. An engagement was not just created to have time to plan the big day. It’s a time to plan for a lifetime together. I challenge you, through this process, to let people see your love. I think photographers have the best opportunity to see that love between a couple when they shoot engagements.

Why do we forget to share that?

For the rest of us, the bulk of what we see isn’t the love but the logistics. We see brides roll their eyes at grooms when they try to give their opinion or grooms ignore brides when they are talking. I’ve seen several grooms on their wedding day who honestly didn’t look thrilled to be there, maybe for the sheer fact that you don’t think it’s cool to show that you’re excited to be a married man.

Jason, our photographer, left this photo on my desk with a note I’ve kept since then. He said seeing our love inspired him to love his wife even better than before.

It still makes me tear up to think our love has the power to inspire others!

Brides, you have an awesome opportunity. All eyes are on you and your groom. What will they see? A frantic bride and checked out groom? Or a truly inspiring love?


  1. Val,
    This is a beautiful post; it left me with chills. I think you definitely have your priorities straight and I hope that if you inspire others in any way, it’s to help them see the potential of true love and revolving your life around what matters. 🙂

  2. It makes me smile to read this post. With all the time i spent in college with Tyler, its so awesome to see that he has found someone that can enjoy being goofy just has much as he can.

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