New Ideas

November 9, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

I looked through my wedding pictures yesterday to narrow down my favorites. I smiled when I saw my handsome husband. I felt blessed when I saw my best friends cutting up. I got emotional when I saw us sharing our vows. Then one creeping thought arose when I saw a decor pic: “I should have done…”

That’s right. It’s only been about a month and I already would do something differently?? It’s true and it will happen to most brides. If you’ve looked at oodles of inspiration throughout your wedding planning, rarely do new wives go cold turkey. It’s still fun to look at. Which means new ideas and new inspiration. Knowing that as you plan could be good though. When you’re in the thick of swatches and tastings just remember, make a plan and stick with it. You may think, noooo but it’s not PERFECT yet. Perfect can change. Do you love it? Did you pick it for a sentimental reason? Then go for it! And don’t look back!

After I finished my little negative thought, I realized something. We’re married! I can’t go back and rewrite the day, nor would I want to. It was absolutely perfect just the way it is. And just the beginning of our wonderful life together.

New wives, just remember any new ideas you come up with after the big day can always be shared with current brides-to-be or can be a great excuse to throw a party!

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