New Directions

July 22, 2010  |  Southern Fete News

If you saw my twitter status last Saturday morning, you know I’ve had some things on my mind lately. One thing I’ve been wrestling with is feeling a bit overwhelmed by the volume of work that has come my way the last two months and trying to figure out how best to accommodate for those changes. I have to say I am incredibly grateful for the growth! I know not everyone gets the opportunity to do what they love from 9-5 everyday.

I analyzed where I spend the majority of my time each day to see if I was using my time well and more importantly, to see if it lined up with my priorities. Here’s what I wanted my time to be about:

1. Be a wedding planner that’s one step ahead of her bride’s, not one that falls behind on details. Take on fewer weddings so I can devote more personalized time with them.

2. Build our volume of invitation sales. Reach more brides working within a budget. (Seriously, I am giddy each time I get an email from a bride that says they’re glad to have found an invitation they love that’s within their budget!) Start working on creating our new products for 2011! We’ve got some non-wedding items coming I’m excited to reveal!

3. Be a good wife. I love cooking, don’t hate laundry and am looking forward to married life. This means ending my work days at 4 or 5 instead of 6 or later.

4. Serve others. My life is not just for myself, but to experience God’s love and share it with others. It’s taken a backseat as I’ve started my own business but I believe it’s essential to live selflessly, and the first step to that is making myself available to serve.

I may have gone a bit off subject, but I hope this post can relate to someone who is overwhelmed by life right now and trying to figure out the next step.

So what does this mean for Southern Fete? Nothing drastic actually.

1. Fewer weekly posts for The Wedding Shoebox. This is one thing that I enjoy greatly but because of my workload has become more of a burden than a creative outlet. I never want to just through up any old post because it’s Monday and I need an inspiration board. I want to put my energy and creativity into each post. Expect two or three post each week including an inspiration board, In Her Shoes post with the occasional tips, real weddings and In Her Shoebox posts.

2. Our pricing for wedding planning packages will increase beginning in 2011 as I will be taking on fewer weddings.

Well lovely ladies, I’m leaving today for my first vacation since I started my business September 2008! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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