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January 13, 2010  |  Inspiration

Lately, I have been working on finalizing the branding for Butterscotch Press (always a work in progress it seems) and The Wedding Shoebox. Recently, I stumbled upon the most amazing stationary company, Mr. Boddington’s Studio. There branding is to die for and the work is wonderful!

I know. I know. I design my own invitations. What am I doing? I also know I don’t fit every niche or serve every bride. One thing I do seriously admire about this company is the way they continue a theme and max out every possible design opportunity. From envelope liners to return address and every piece of stationary alive. I would love the opportunity to really create a custom set with, not just the necessities, but any whimsical idea to add to their wedding decor.

I’ve said it before, I love the way a complete set of stationary carries a theme and takes a nice wedding to a unique experience for guests. How can paper do that?? It pretty much personalizes each wedding and doesn’t give guests a chance to think “I’ve been to a million weddings at such and such. This will probably be just like it.” Nope they will be devouring every hint of your theme the way we love “miniature” things. It’s hard to explain but true nonetheless.

But back to their brand. Just like their invitation sets, their branding is seen in every aspect of their company. I have a minor in English and love old literature and find their invitation set names like Mrs. Havesham or Mr. Truman completely inviting. And the story behind the brand is equally inspiring! Check out Mr. Boddington’s desk. Enjoy!!


  1. Very cool work! They definitely took the central park zoo theme and ran with it!

  2. Aww I just loved the blue and red invites….those were my colors! All of your post are so beautiful, makes me sad I can’t get married again! lol

  3. I had a consultation with them in New York and they are fabulous-from the custom envelope liners to the wax seals! It was love at first sight, except for the price tag!

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