My first photo shoot (X2…& a 1/2)

February 19, 2010  |  Southern Fete News
A while back I decided to gear my services to brides looking for strong creative direction. Soon after that, I attended the Making Things Happen workshop with Lara Casey. One of the biggest things I took home (there were so many) was that I needed to make sure my marketing was attracting these types of brides. She suggested a photo shoot to showcase our work or what were capable of. I wrote it down and figured, I’ll do that sometime this year.
Today was the culmination of that. I decided about a month ago I was ready to do a design shoot. I asked y’all to vote on one of these. You guys told me and I couldn’t choose between the top two so today we shot both design concepts.
I told Laura and Heather, “I wish I could do this every day.” Why? Because the adrenaline I felt today was the same I feel for weddings: decision-making, timelines (today ours was the sun). great vendors, living in my arch of creativity. and just making something pretty. Because surrounding myself with other creatives fuels me more to become better at what I do. Because I realized what I am capable of.
When the first set was ready, I sat back and just thought “Here it is.”
There is so much satisfaction in creating an idea, then executing it…exactly, if not better than you imagined. You envision something for so long, sometimes ideas start to seem lofty.  The tough part is execution. And to be honest, about 3 days ago I wondered if I could pull it off like I had hoped.
Today went better than I could have ever expected. Working with Laura and Heatherwas just a joy. There excitement fueled me more than they will know.
Tomorrow I have another shoot. A little less daunting but just as exciting. It’s the product shoot for our new invitation collections. I can’t wait to share the new designs with y’all. We are working on some creative ideas for the shots. Trying to put that fuel to use!
Special thanks to (you will be hearing more about them because they are all amazing!):
Laura Reaux of Laura Reaux Photography
Heather Bailey of Social Bites
Tiffany Aragona with The Warehouse
Rodney at Les Amis
Marty at Event Rentals
And if you have read through my midnight ramblings, I think you deserve a sneak peak! (Yes, Laura is amazing and sent me over a few teasers only hours after the shoot!) One from each of the shoots! See our inspiration here.


  1. Love the sneak peeks! Can’t wait to see the whole shoots! I want to hear all about it. High fives for making things happen!!!

  2. It really was such an awesome experience! I am so looking forward to doing weddings with you soon, Valerie. Thanks for your sweet words! There are a couple more photos from the shoots on my blogsite.

  3. Absolutely love it! Can’t wait to see some more!

  4. Outstanding! Can’t wait to see more.

  5. Looks awesome, can’t wait to see more!!

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