My Favorite Things

May 19, 2010  |  My Google Reader

Today I wanted to take a break from wedding specific inspiration and share with you a few of my favorite things that I find inspiration in. Enjoy!!

1. Primele calligraphy – I LOVE the whimiscal style. Not too formal, not too casual.

2. Editor’s Collection (in Mustard) from Steamline Luggage – I love how well-designed even luggage can look. The minimal colors keep it fresh and STREAMLINED. Must get for honeymoon!

3. Vera Wang dress – These layers are so ethereal and make me think of piling into the most comfortable bed.

4. Paul Alejandro fonts– This guy knows his way around a font. Each new one he introduces is a new favorite of mine. (including Southern Fete font!)

5. fresh Sugar Lemon – My summer scent! It’s citrusy, sweet and of course fresh! It’s the perfect start to a summer day.

6. SusyJack* calendars – This calendar is like a piece of art on my office wall.

7. Mirrored vanities – Oh how I would love to primp at this vanity every morning!

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