Modern Chic

Modern Chic

April 2, 2010  |  In Her Shoebox

Every Last Detail first began as a different blog, The Design Grove, following Lauren Grove’s May 2009 wedding. She found so much inspiration and so many ideas through wedding blogs that I decided she wanted to join the blogosphere and help other brides plan their weddings. Now it has evolved into so much more than just writing a blog. Lauren now have a career in the wedding industry and plans to have my own wedding planning business in the coming future.


I did already get married, last May, in my hometown of Ocala, Florida. It was an elegant country club wedding. However, I am constantly wishing that I knew then what I know now. I was partly afraid to completely do what I wanted, and partly held back due to budget. If I was doing it all over, I would have had less people so I could have had more of what I really wanted. We would get married at a vineyard, and definitely not in Florida because it’s just way too hot 80% of the time. Our ceremony would be outside, and the ideal venue for the reception would be half indoors and half open-air. I’m going to say February, March, or April, because I hate sweating.


The details that are included in these photos are all things that I have discovered in my short time (less than a year) blogging. DIY details are definitely something that I would do-over for my wedding. Yes, I created the menus and table numbers myself, but now I could do so much better. I’m all about naming the styles of weddings, and I think the style for this wedding would be modern chic. Let’s just say there will definitely be a vow renewal in the coming years!


My wedding tip for brides is to go with your gut. If there is something that you want for your wedding, but you can’t decide on it, think about this: If you can’t imagine your wedding day without it, and you’re going to constantly think about it and look back and wish you had it, then find a way to have it. If it’s not having a champagne toast or making the favors yourself, then so be it. There’s nothing worse than wishing that you done things differently or had something else. 🙂


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  1. I LOVE THESE COLORS. great inspiration!!

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