Michele + Chris: Stationary

November 29, 2009  |  Southern Fete News

We made several pieces for Michele and Chris’ wedding.

First up, the invitation: we did a few modifications to our Lacey design and added the green matting to incorporate both her colors.

The couple had lots of guests coming from different areas so Michele wanted a map, something personalized that didn’t just look like it came from mapquest. This was our first map to design but I’m sure not the last! They are just too useful. We also put their wedding web site on it. The square design gave the simple but elegant design a more modern look. I loved the way the ribbon looked all packed together.

I have seen and been a part of several cake pulls. They are always fun even if we don’t know what each charm means. I thought it’d be nice to design something with all the meanings for the cake table. The girls were fun to watch when they read who got which one! Favors! Nothing says South Louisiana like pralines to munch on for the ride home. We kept the same elements we had throughout and even added the green backing to each tag.

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