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November 6, 2013  |  Uncategorized

I’m still spinning my wheels trying to figure out where September AND October went. But, that won’t really do me any good. We wrapped up a Southern Fete baby shower this weekend and have two weddings this month … so no time for spinning wheels.

While I whole heartedly believe that November should be ALL about giving thanks and anticipating Thanksgiving, I also like to be organized. Christmas is right around the corner, and there are Christmas/holiday cards that need to get done.

Whether you’re newlyweds and sending out a card as a new family or still engaged and want to show off one of your fabulous engagements photos, everyone LOVES a photo card.

I’m so excited to share Val Marie Paper and Inkling Design Studio’s collections. Y’all, let’s be honest. There’s just something so great about ordering from someone local, receiving great customer service, and having something unique. I should mention that Val Marie Paper designed these with a four-week old in her house and this is Inkling’s first collection!

So, just for this one time, grab a red holiday cup of joe, pick your favorite design, and get to ordering those Christmas/holiday cards. Then, it’s back to Thanksgiving.

Val Marie Paper Holiday Collection

Val Marie Paper, Christmas Card, Holiday Card

Inkling Design Studio Holiday Collection

Inkling Design Studio, Christmas Card, Holiday Card

And … don’t forget to send one to your favorite event planner!


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