Mega Post 2010: Part 7??

January 8, 2010  |  Southern Fete News

Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

After a 6-part mega post I can’t believe I still have any words left. But I do!

This last month has been the biggest growth for me as a person and in my business. I’ve been able to reflect on things and put into action things I have said for a while I wanted to change. One thing I want to do differently in 2010  is I want to put more of myself into my blogpost. I have a habit of wanting to make sure I keep things “professional” and talk only about weddings or trends (which let’s be honest, is what people want to see) but I also know people want to trust the person behind the post.

When people hire a wedding planner, they aren’t just hiring a skill. They hire someone they can depend on and actually want to be around. I spend sometimes 8 hours with a bride in one day checking out vendors. Who wants to do that with a stranger? Or who wants to dread those meetings?

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed I changed my user name from SouthernFete to ValMarieMet. I talk about a lot more than Southern Fete.

Daniel, one of my office mates, told me several months ago he wasn’t trying to look like a huge operation. He wanted people to know he was the guy behind it all (hince his amazing new identity). I’m in the same boat. When you call Southern Fete you’ll talk to me. I’ll plan your wedding with you, I’ll e-mail you updates, and I’ll be there wedding day from start to finish. Although I do have an amazing sister who assists me on day-of’s so I can be “in two places at once” ; ) and who keeps me organized on the business end.

And despite the changes and extra work, I think it’s actually made me a stronger wedding planner. I am constantly inspired by other planners I speak with for The Wedding Shoebox, and can continually create new custom designs for brides with Butterscotch Press. It’s even made me relax more on my off time and work smarter (not harder) during the work day.

Here’s to the next year!!

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