Love to Hate: Thank You Cards

June 18, 2013  |  Uncategorized

There’s no doubt I’m a Southern girl. I was raised to write – hand write – and thank you card for virtually everything. Sometimes, a thank you card was written for a beautiful thank you card. A bit extreme. I know.

Among the other things that involved with wedding festivities, I’ve learned that writing thank you cards are among those most hated. But, believe me, many of your friends’ parents, in-laws, and grandparents will never forgive you if they don’t receive a thank you card for your shower and/or wedding gift.

Not only will they never forgive you, they will also critique it. (I’m guilty.)

So here are a few tips I have for making the process a bit less painful and leaving your guests with a memorable thank you card they’ll either post on the fridge or show to their visitors as an example of the “perfect” thank you card.

  • Divide the number of thank you cards you have to write over the course of a time period. I think seven days if fair for a shower/wedding party and a month (you can scream now) for your wedding gifts.
  • Dedicate a certain part of your day to writing the above number of thank you cards. Lunch break. Before dinner. Whatever works.
  • Pick stationary that you will love. More importantly, pick a pen that you love (and makes your handwriting look even prettier).
  • Use a return address stamp. Makes your life 100,000 easier than having to rewrite it that many times. Believe me on this one.
  • Have somewhat of a template. A few key phrases you can use throughout your thank you cards. I’m about to give away my secrets…”Thank you for remembereing us during this special time.” “We look forward to seeing you at the wedding.”
  • Explain how you’re going to use their gift. People want to know if you’ll use the food processor to make your favorite pesto. That you will look forward to drying dishes with the new microfiber towels they gifted you with.
  • Try to make it personal even if you don’t know the couple well. Are they close friends of your parents? Add that in – You’ve always been great friends to our parents, and we’re thankful you’ll be able to share in our special day with all of us.
  • Last but not least – GET THEM IN THE MAIL.

Odds are if you follow a few of these tips, you will write and send memorable thank you gifts that will usually come back to “help” you in the future.


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