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August 25, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Courtney Dellafiora

My posts have been a bit sparse these past two weeks. We are in the thick of it with the wedding and business is booming. I can’t, and won’t complain.

In the beginning, I was a bit like a two-year old. “That’s mine” might as well have been my response when people offered to help. I felt that way for a few reasons. Maybe you girls can relate.

1. I know how to do what I want done, so wouldn’t it just be easier to do it myself?

2. I really don’t want to burden anyone else with my own stuff.

Well Monday night I realized my to-do list was a mile long and knew the fastest way to cut it was to let me give some of it up. Tyler, my mom and bridesmaids have offered plenty of times but it’s just seemed like more work to try to figure out what to release. That day I wrote down every little task that needed to be done and looked to see what other people could do. I may have held on a little tighter before but now, I was happy to release some things. I sent an email to my mom Monday morning and by lunch she wrote me back with her “progress report” and had EVERYTHING done!!

Don’t forget, people are WILLING to help you. Don’t take advantage of them but know that you can lean on them. As a bride, this can be one of the busiest times of your life. There are seasons for everything. And I think seasons to give and seasons to take. This may be a time where you feel a bit needy. Don’t shrink back from allowing others to help. And just as important never forget to do the same for someone else when they find themself in that season.

In other news, last weekend was my big shower and it was truly amazing! I will share pictures later this week!

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