Lauren + Seth: Stationary

October 13, 2009  |  Southern Fete News

We designed several pieces for Lauren and Seth. Enjoy!!!!

First up, their invitation. They wanted something simple. We took a traditional black and white invite and added a unique monogram and left-justified the text for a more modern look.


The ceremony was going to be outside so we decided on a multi-use program. When all four pages of the program are fanned out, it made a fan.

Thank You’s!! Lauren had seen thank you’s she wanted that were a bit expensive. We designed what she was looking for, for less! (Pretty much my favorite part of designing!!)DSC_0265

I had designed this invite for a previous rehearsal dinner and have since used it a few more times. We incorporated her font and added her cobalt blue and I really liked the contrast.
DSC_0264For the rehearsal dinner, we placed name cards at the tables. I typically recommend name cards, because they seem to avoid a lot of awkwardness when family and friends are trying to be seated. And, of course, I think they’re just a cute added detail!


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